Back Seat Parenting

My friend sent me this....I too am guilty of being a 'back seat' parent before LO was born - OH how no amount of words, advice, books, TV can prepare you!!

One of mine was about my SIL who used to ask my BIL to occasionally get up with thier LO to help her do a feed. I would scoff she was lazy and he had work the next day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA my OH frequently gets a well placed elbow in the head if I have been up every 45 mins with LO and ask him for help now.......


  • Good article! Although I have to admit to still being quite opinionated about parenting styles even though i've got a LO :lol: whoops!!!!!!! xx
  • good article, I agree with most of it.

  • Lol Kelly so am I still - lo is only 7 weeks but I still look at other parenting styles and think "I wouldn't do that, tsk" lol!!!

    My bugbear, and I hope I never turn into one of these parents - are those that allow their child/ren to run around restaurants/pubs and leave food all over the floor and don't bother their arse to tidy up before they go! I refuse to be one of those no matter how challenging lo may decide to be!!! lol.

  • :lol: ive just laughed out loud at this!!! my ds thought i was crying :lol: how funny is the article!!!
  • Excellent, it perfectly describes me before having my LO, then again I'm still a bit like that now! He's only 6 months so there's plenty of time yet LOL xx
  • think this is great!
  • I always used to say "I'll never bring my baby into bed with me"...little did I know!! Adam normally joins us at 4.30am most days image

    I also thought I'd hop lovingly out of bed to tend to each and every one of Adam's whimpers, while gazing fondly at Hubby slumbering next to me... Not likely, most nights poor M gets a sharp dig in the ribs when it's his turn to do a shift :lol:
  • Wow, looking at this I have let my husband off lightly - I don't make him do night feeds when he has work the next day! He did get his fair share of weekend nights though.
  • hahaha... i won't make my hubby do the nights.... He WILLLLL do th early mornings though!!! he's awake at 6am every day whether its monday, wednesday or saturday!!!

    and i will flick him the Vs at 3.30 when i am knackered and up with baby and he is snoozing!! only reason i will let him sleep is that he drives a long way for work and i want him to get there safely!!!
  • Ha Ha I love it, have been guilty of backseat parenting (as the Feb girls can probably attest to - sorry again, I normally keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself, I was having a bad day!) but now I can see how easy it is to rubbish how people do things and then have to eat your words later on. Definitely guilty of bringing into bed, also of giving a dummy when "no child of mine will have a dummy" and I'm sure many other things.

    Must learn to be less opinionated.........
  • chubs113 - I always used to say "no child of mine will have a dummy too" and somehow have ended up with a child who refuses to have one - maybe a case of be careful what you wish for!
  • Brilliant article. I was the Queen of 'my baby will fit in with my lifestyle, not the other way around'. Well, I managed a wine tasting tour around New Zealand when he was 3 months old but that nearly killed me. No holidays for me until he's left home!

    Peeptoe and Hugo (29+2)
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