having surgey for reflux

my 11 month old is finally having surgery for his reflux! i should be feeling worried about it but i'm not, i'm so happy!!! so happy that someone is finally going to help him, that his 11 months of suffering are hopefully coming to an end soon. he's had nothing but chest infections, pneumonia x 4, broniciolitis x 3 since september. he is only just hitting miles stones of a 7 month old because he just feels lousy all time! they fitted a PEG feeding tube and put him on a continous feed over 22 hours of day at a small volume and he still refluxes it.
had nothing but trouble from hospital cos he's such a happy smiley baby, they don't beleive how poorly he's being! think it was a wake up call when they realised since begining of january we've only been home 5 weeks!!!!!!!!! every chest infection he has is cos he aspirates into his lungs, and if they don't treat it quickly it turns to pneumona. which he's already had twice this year!


  • hi, we see surgeon tomorrow. been told he'll have it done within a few weeks. zac always been happy and smiley cos he doesn't know any different. we've been told he'll grow out of it or it'll get better with solids but his has got worse over the months. he's on omeprazole instead of ranitidine now and it still doesn't stop the reflux. he's on such a high dose my GP wouldn't do a repeat! he insisted on speaking to consultant who prescribed it! to be honest all the drugs really do is try to neutralise the acid to stop the pain and damage the acid can do. zac is no more sick off meds as he is on them. he's just much more irratable, but for the right nurse or doctor he'll crack open a can of laughs! not particually helpful at times! got to love em though!
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