babies first jabs :(

hi girls,
my sons got his first jabs tommorrow and im dreading it! the thought of it gives me butterflies! does anyone else have their childs first lot of jabs coming up? if u have then are u taking them in or getting someone else to do it?my mums offered to do it but im not sure what to do! do they let other people take them in?
when he had his heel prick they told me to feed him whilst they do it so he's calm. would they let me do it when he gets his jabs?
im scared of needles myself so the thought of my 2month old son getting two in his leg is terrifying!!



  • Hi me and my husband took my lo to get her first jabs. I am terrified of needles too. My husband held her and I looked away. She cried a little but was ok. Kara is 9 months so has had all her jags. We both took her to the second set as well and again my husband held her. However the 3rd and worst set my husband couldn't get out of work so I thought that I would be brave and took her myself and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought. She cried after the first one and the HV just done the 2nd and 3rd needles really quick.

    I don't know about feeding but to be honest I wouldn't like to feed them when they are getting it. You just have to hold them really tight supporting their legs.

    You will be fine. Honestly it is worse for us. Just hold his legs and look in the opposite direction. It will be over before you know it.

    After the 1st set Kara was a bit unsettled at night but with the others she was fine. Would be good to have some Calpol incase you need it. Be aware though that after the jags they tend to sleep more than usual. I found Kara was like this the next day as well.

    He will forget about it almost immediately.

    Good Luck
  • my dd is due hers in next couple fo weeks.I dont mind needles but taking my hubby anyway. I dont like seeing dd in pain....hated it when they tried putting ngt next to my bedside. Dd screamed and I was like i cant do anything to help you image

    When she had her heal prick done she didnt make a noise. Only other time made a noise for pain was when paediatrician had to to take some blood and was squeezing her foot.

    I know they dont remember it but still! At least it shows we love our children....
  • My mum came with me for Lily's first ones and my friend for the second then I braved it alone for the third. It hurts you more than them and its over in a second (you will probably still want to punch the nurse doing it tho). Be brave and try not to get anxious, they pick up on it. And remember why you are doing it....because it is a few seconds of pain to stop them getting something nasty. You will both be fine. Good luck
  • I went on my own with lo for all 3 and I don't like needles and have a fear of blood being taken. Anyway it isn't that bad, I promise. The nurse I had was really quick with no nonsense when my lo had hers done. Yes they cry but a good cuddle from mum afterwards is what they need, maybe a feed. And make sure you have some Calpol as they can get a bit grumpy afterwards, maybe in bit of pain and/or fever.
    They do bleed a little as well and the main bad thing about that is that the nurse told me they can't put plasters on now in case of allergic reaction so they bleed on their clothes, so it may be an idea to put something dark on his bottom half or trousers that you don't mind getting stained!
    The other thing was I wasn't allowed to hold lo when having jabs, I had to put her on the couch, but I'm sure each surgery has their own "rules" on this.
    I'm sure you'll both be fine xx
  • thanx girls image im such a plonker...his jabs werent today they were 2moro! but she did them anyway coz id been waiting in the waiting room for 45 mins lol!
    it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. my mum took him in for me and i stood outside but i could still hear what was happening. he shrieked once and moaned a little bit but didnt cry image (i did!) hes such a good boy! x
  • Well done you, you can go in with him next month because thats the worse one done. Be brave. It gets easier but still isnt a pleasant experience! Keep the calpol ready. You might need it.
  • Hi, my hubby & I went together for the 1st & I cried aswell as my LO - the nurse had to give me a tissue! Hormones! But it was the first time I'd heard my LO cry like that as he is such a placid bb. I put him straight to the boob & carried him out on the boob & waited with him still latched on for the 10 mins after. It was a good job I had hubby with me to push the pushchair out!
    I went on my own for the second lot & was ok as I knew what to expect but he wouldn't latch on that time so I didn't feed him.
    3rd lot, where he had 3 jabs I went with my hubby & hubby held him as I talked to him so he didn't notice the first jab, looked worried for the second & cried when he had the third! I didn't bother to offer a feed after that one, just cuddles.
    My hubby & I went today for LO's 12 month jabs & he cried for about 20secs then was fine.

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