Nobody likes a know it all!

hi there does anyone else feel the same? :\?

Everytime i reply to a question someone on here has asked i feel like i'm being a know it all! and should probably mind my own busness even though i'm only trying to help and offer support and encouagement!
I also feel i am repeating myself and people must get sick of hearing about me. :\?

Do others feel the same or is it just me and should i but out??:\(


  • I always feel like this, i sometimes find it hard to write advice without coming across like a know it all because I definately do not know it all, so I hope i have never come across this way, i really do get paranoid about it though. I also find i repeat myself but then i think people will not remeber who i am.

    You have never come across as a 'know it all' all adviced is valued on here imo. please don't 'but out'.

    love Mez xx
  • yes! But i also feel the same about the answers i give for a diff reason, i feel like im ignored but then when someone else give the same answer they are acknowledged for it and im not...

    but it doesnt stop me giving help/answers image :lol:

  • Every time I post hon! :lol:

    But I keep at it in case somewhere in my babble I say something intelligent or suggest something new. You never know, may happen one day pmsl

    I've certainly never thought of you, or anyone on here, as a know it all - we're all just here to offer support and advice from our own experience, which inevitably involves talking about yourself.

    Don't worry yourself too much. There are some very straight talking ladies on here who'll always tell you if you're out of line. That's meant in the nicest possible way of course, hope you understand what I mean.

  • I must admit it is lovely when someone says you have helped or even said thank you.
  • Your a know it all! heheh

    but we love everyone's posts whether they be helpful or just your experiences! What would BE be without all of us waffling away?
  • Please don't feel like that and please don't give up offering your words of wisdom.

    I can understand why you'd feel that way, particularly if you are repeating yourself but honestly I can't tell you how much I appreciate your words of advice.

    I pop over here from pregnancy and have picked up so many tips. Without BE I would be utterly clueless! Keep up the good work xx
  • We have all had different experiences some the same some not the same. I really value those who have been in my situation and and gone through different solutions to figure out the problem. It doesnt come across your a know it all, it just saves me time testing the solutions out teheh!

    Mummy stephe, in future I will remember to thank you indiidually rather than a thank you to everyone who replies lol.

    Seriously though, dont 'but' out, you experiences with your lo is probably really valuable to another memeber. There may even be someone on here who looks out for your advice but doesnt it silently.
  • Joey, theres no need (its the one or two threads (out of thousands lol) where people are thanked individually and people are missed off that are disappointing...) I'd much rather people just said thanks to everyone... :lol:

    I'm a terrible offender for forgetting about posts ive made myself aswell....

    I love hearing about everyone experiences and how theyve coped/done things that I can try, I love the vcariety of mums and experiences on here.
    But, i do sometimes feel like i talk about myself far too much! image :lol:

  • I do sometimes, but then i think people have asked for opinions/advice so its fine! I'd never give my advice unless i was asked for it! Although i often give someone advice and then think someone else is gonna come on and say "lynz_81 wtf are you on about, thats terrible advice!!" Never happened yet though lol xxx
  • ohhhhhh - now I feel bad cos I have NEVER felt like this!! image

    I always think that people have asked a question cos they want help so I answer and give my opinion/experience. That's why I post cos I want to hear everyone's ideas.

    Sorry if you all think I am a know it all!!!! image

    Oh and I do always try to search my posts back out and thank everyone image I LOVE HEARING EVERYONE'S OPINIONS/EXPERIENCES & IDEAS I never think anyone's a know it all image
  • I feel like this sometimes too! (that I'm being bossy I mean.)

    The fact is it's far quicker and easier and more straightforward and readable if you jut put "I do xyz" or "I think xyz" instead of wrapping everything in careful-careful phrases like "well this works for me but it might not for you" and "I'm no expert but...." and "I'm probably not the best person to advise but...."

    I honestly do think it's the diversity of everyone's experience that makes this forum so valuable and as long as everyone bears this in mind both when posting and reading we should all be ok :\)
  • I do know what you mean but I think that's part of why this place is so good. when i ask for advice or help, i do it knowing/hoping that more than one person will reply so that i can gain from the different experiences of different people and then draw my own conclusions, maybe that'll be from just one persons advice, or several, or maybe a mixture of everyone's, do you see what i mean?
    i have never thought of anyone on here as being a know it all!
    i do feel ignored sometimes too and i definitely repeat myself but like mez123, i think that people won't have remembered me x x
  • I don't really as 9 times out of 10 the advice already given has covered everything so what I was going to reply and say, I end up thinking it's not really needed so don't bother, lol.
    I certainly don't think anyone thinks anybody else is a know it all though! I usually just think the one's who reply a lot are very helpful and know more than me!


  • I'm with Crafti charlie and Mrs G on this one - I give my experiences because people ask for them, that's what this site is for!

    If they like my advice, they take it and if not at least I tried to help!

    I have asked sooo many questions on here and got some great replies. You just use the info you want and as for thanking people individually, come on...... a general thank you certainly suffices for me!

    Thanks everyone for all the advice you've given me - although you can read about most of these things in a book it's just so much better if someone has put it into practise and had an opinion on it!

    Although, where can you read in a book whether your baby might like a jumparoo at 4 months or 5, or a door bouncer at all or whether pampers or huggies are the best and so's all about sharing our experiences as there is no baby manual for this!

  • I sometimes refrain from replying as I think I might sound patronising or come across in the wrong way-similarly I often start writing a new thread and then don't post it as it might sound either silly or a little like I'm showing off- like if Lily does something that makes me proud- I would hate for people to think I am a pushy or show off Mummy which I'm not just a very proud one!lol xxx
  • ILMG - Proud Mummy moments are VERY allowed on BE. It's not showing off. It;s you being extremely proud of your lo :P

    I do agree that sometime I refrain from posting as I think I can't help even when I think I can. If that makes any sense

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