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Maxi Cosi Car Seats - Which one????


My LO is now just over 11 months old and its not going to be long until I need to get a new car seat.

I have been looking at the:

Maxi Cosi Tobi ??165
Maxi Cosi Priori XP ??135
Maxi Cosi Axiss ??190

They all look good but Im not really sure. My LO is quite a diddy little think and would prefer one with head support, the Priori XP doesnt have this as the others do.

Any advice or recomendations?????


  • I prefered the Tobi as it did have the head support (which is adjustable) and it also has a guide at the front which tells you when the strap is tight enough (providing they are sitting back properly).

    I've heard the axiss is good but I didn't want to pay the extra as thought I could do without it.

    Keep looking and if you can hold out you might find it cheaper in the new year as that's when they tend to start releasing new colours. I managed to get one of mine ex-display in mothercare for ??105 and the other one new for ??140 so you may be able to get better prices if you shop around.
  • We have the Priorifix and have the Tobi for my Mum's car - tbh I'd recommend either of them. If you're not going for Isofix I think I'd recommend the Tobi as it just seemed a bit more of a secure fit when we were shown how to fit it (than the Priori I mean, haven't seen the Axiss) - however, if you're going to want to swap it between cars, the Priori would be easier than the Tobi to move about.

    Apparently you can buy a Maxi Cosi head support for about ??10 in Toys R Us - a friend of mine who had the Priori bought one and recommended it to me, but I didn't feel we needed it by then.

    Have you been somewhere like Mothercare and tried them in your car? The Tobi was a better fit in my car than the Priori XP, but the Priori didn't fit in my mum;s car at all. The Tobi fits in most though apparently.

    Also, have you looked on or Amazon? - their prices tend to be quite competitive
  • I've been looking at these seats too!

    Not really looked at the Axiss, but was only looking at the Tobi and Priori today.

    I think we'll go for the Tobi as it's a lot more padded than the Priori - fits well in my car as well and Daisy loved sitting in it - although she's got a while to wait yet as she's neither old enough or heavy enough!!!! But wanted to decide so that I could get it when it was next on special offer!

    C xx
  • MrsA,

    Do you think we should have a look at the Axiss as well then? Is it better than the Tobi?

    C xx
  • We have the tobi and my parents have the priori. Both are great seats but overall I prefer the tobi. The tobi has a head rest and I prefer the straps, it is easier to get lo in as they stay rigid and you have the guide to tell you if they are tight enough. I got 10% off at halfords as we got them both at the same time and they also had a very low price on the priori, this was 2 weeks ago.
    Personally I wouln't pay the extra for the axiss. I find it's very easy to get lo in and out of both of these seats.
  • I prefer Maxi-Cosi Tobi, because I used it for my little one and it is a forward-facing car seat approved from 9kg to 18kg (around one to four years old) 

    I believe Tobi is a better fit as well.
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