On Friday evening we are travelling by car to visit family for Christmas. On short journeys normally we leave Faye in her snowsuit, but this is going to be a couple of hours driving. Is it better to leave the snowsuit off as it's quite padded so she doesn't get too warm (the heater will be on) and keep her wrapped up in blankets when we stop at services?


  • I'd leave the snowsuit off too & just put it on when you get out the car. How old is she? It says in the red book my HV gave me, that once babies are 1 month old, they don't need any more clothes than their parents are wearing. I try and go by that rule, but always put an extra layer on Gabe as I dont feel the cold at all!
  • yeh i'd def leave it off we r traveling down to cornwall xmas afternoon from sheffield so got a long journey! but its sooo good on xmas day as theres no one about! xx
  • Thanks girls! She has a fleecy sleepsuit so was thinking of putting her in that and a long sleeved vest with a blanket
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