bouncey chairs

hi girls
does any of your bubs have one of these bouncey chairs u hang from the door?
are they safe do the bubs like them?
i want to get one for wade.
gio x


  • hi jo! yes i have one for charlie and he loves it! as long as wade can fully support his head then he will be fine xx how is wade x
  • hi gem
    yeah wade is good thanks think we are taking him this wk to check on his murma.
    how is charile going with his food all good?
  • i hope wade gets the all clear, charlie had a murmur at his 6 week check, went to hospital to see a specialist and he confirmed he could hear one. then saw specialist last week and his murmur has gone. let me know how he gets on. charlie is doing really well with his babyrice he has about 5-10 spoonfuls at lunchtimes, he would have more if i'd let him! is wade sleeping better at night? xx
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