im such an idiot

lo has always been agood sleeper but iv been such an idiot today. he was tired bout 1 so put him down for a nap, he was up again after 30 mins as hadnt settled, he was still tired and nothin would settle him so went and put him down again. eventually he settled but prior to goin to bed he had banged his head as he was so tired he couldnt sit unsupported and i didnt quite catch him. anyway even though i had checked he was ok prior to goin down i thought id just check he was ok and bloody woke him up!!!! hes been in a lot of pain due to his teeth so stuck on the gel, gave some calpol, tucked him in but hes now sobbin his eyes out. its awful cos its definately a tired cry. iv been in twice to calm him down. why couldnt i just have left him? should i leave him or get him up despite him been shattered??xxx
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