we have created a giant!!!lol

finley was 8lb 7oz when he was born - so a big boy from birth(considering he was a 1st baby). he has continued to jump up in weight and the centiles. i had him weighed today and at 6 and half monthe he weighs in at 22lb 12oz!!!!OMG. he is 9-12 months clothes already - i cant keep up with his change of wardrobe.lol. the thing is apart from his legs, which are so chunky and cute he isnt fat at all. in fact the clothes are more for his length and his legs and are huge round his belly. he is gonna be huge when he grows up - im gonna be the shortarse and im 5'9.lol. he is a hungry baby(hungry baby milk at 4 weeks) but not greedy)

im so proud of our chunky little monkey. xxx


  • Bless him - I thought Gabe would go the same way as he was 9lb 1 born and put it on really quick at first but at 8.5 months he is 20lb 9oz so not very big really! They are all so different aren't they! xxx
  • they are and it is so amazin we create these wonderful little humans with their own quirks and personalities. i look at fin everyday in wonder at how me and oh created this perfect little person.

    sorry thats gettin a bit sickly.lol.xxx
  • lol, I've got another one the same shape! Barney isn't particularly heavy but he is so chunky, he's got a really long body and frankly enormous thighs!!! The last time we changed his trousers up a size it was because we couldn't pull them up over his legs, they were still loose round his waist :lol:
  • Well done you guys and I have to say I think the same thing when Alfie's asleep-how the hell did me and oh create such a cutie?!! Seriously if you could see us!!
    Fin looks gorgeous and sounds like he'll grow up to be a tall, strong lad!! xx
  • im startin to think we are gonna have to do that again. fin has obviously got my thighs - poor thing.lol.xxx
  • mum to 1, thank you so much alfie looks so cute in his highchair. fin is now tryin to be like a starfish when i try and put him in his highchair.lol. xxx
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