Can I stir formula? What with?


We have moved Adam onto lactose free formula while he recovers from his tummy bug.

However, no matter how hard and how long I shake the bottle, the formula seems to stay really lumpy and sticks to the sides! Yuck!

So I was wondering if it is ok to stir formula? I assume it is, but I am not sure what to use - would one of the plastic spoons you get in the tub be ok, as long as it is sterilised after each go? Or can I just use a normal tea spoon?




  • Hi we put JJ on to Soya milk after had a tummy bug and after just 1 bottle wee noticed a difference, after one week we move him back to his normal forumla and he was fine image

    Are you putting it into hot water or cold? it might mix better it warm?

    I just used a teaspoon and sterilised it each time

  • just use a sterilsed spoon each time, either a plastic one sterilsed or a metal one left in boiling water for 5 miutes, although the will be quite hot for u to pick up!...ds is permanently on soya (well until eh's atleast 2yrs) as he's cows milk intolerant and we really do have to be quite vigorous with shaking and even then sometimes theres a funny gloop on the sides of the bottle at the end, its only been doing it for the past 2 months, and he's been on it for 8-9 months, not sure why its doing it now, they may ahve changed somehting in it xx
  • I've just used a washed tea spoon - but then I don't believe in sterilising absolutely everything - just her bottles and teats, if the spoon in the formula is ok to use without sterilising everytime then I'm sure a tea spoon would be! Just my opinion!

  • hi is it one of those milk where you need to roll it between hands before you shake it? i have to with lizzies milk otherwise it doesn't dissolve! but other i would use a sterilised spoon if he is recovering from a tummy bug x
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