millies ill worst few days ever!

she started with a really bad cold not being able to breath out her nose, then went to a cough but she gags when she coughs and also last night was a terrible night! she had bottle at 7 then at 7.20 iheard her cough and gag but she was still asleep then she gagged again and woke up crying to ages to settle her she threw up mucus stuff all over me, so i brought her downstairs to try and wake her up and stop her cying but she was sooo tired but kept gaggin everytime tried to sleep. then a little later at 9pm i deceided to put her in my bed and go to sleep with her but she gagged and threw up loads and loads of mucus and huge bubble came out then mucus then milk but i think she needed to get it out as she went to sleep. she woke at 1am wantin milk prob becos she threw most her 7pm bottle up after she had it i tried to lay her down but she just cried and wouldnt stop til 2am! she threw a little phelm up then back to sleep til 7.30am had 3oz then and back to sleep til 11am bless her. i hate seeing her so ill! shes had her bottles 2day but wont eat much food her cold seems to be going just need the cough to go now, she went to bed at 7pm had 5oz and so far is fine touch wood! i really hope shes back to normal soon shes normally such a happy girl! i took her doctors when she had her cold and he checked her chest and ears and said shes fine just a cold and that they get them alot in their first winter. fingers crossed shes ok 2night!! x x


  • Poor little thing. At least she's bringing all that horrible mucus up.
    Hope she's better tonight xx
  • Poor Millie! It is HORRIBLE when they're poorly as you can do nothing to help them. I used to swear by medised but you can't buy it anymore for under 2's. I've got a cold atm and I'm scared of Gabe catching it so I'm using hand gel every 5 minutes and not kissing him and getting other people to test the temp of his food - whenever Gabe gets ill he ends up on antibiotics

  • so far shes still sleeping image im hoping that the worst is over with! x
  • Oh bless hope she feels better soon, take her back if she doesnt improve as she might devlelop an infections - I have been taking Amber every few weeks to make sure!

    Amber was the same a few weeks ago non stop throwing up mucus I had to take her to a&e as her breathing went funny, not good!! She still wont shake it off either and sicked up loads of mucus stuff the other day and is still all bunged up image poor girls eh!! xx
  • awww its horrid isnt it!! i hate seeing her so ill! hurry up summer!! x
  • aww, poor millie, hope shes feeling better soon, i hate it when they are poorly. xxx
  • just want to say she slept well last night woke just once at 4am for a bottle then back to sleep til 8.30am image shes seems her happy self 2day too yey!!! x
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