Having an off day!!

I dont know what's up with me today... i just have no energy! (not like me at all) We have all had cold all week so i know it's not that. I just feel exhausted! Everything is going wrong...
Erin dropped her ready brek on the kitchen floor, Joe wont have his bottle, I have cut my finger, OH has the dbl puschair in his car boot at work!! The kids are both winging bless them cos they're still not well, all i want them to do is go to sleep but they wont! Well Joe wont! Erin never has a morning nap... guess i will just have to wait until 2 when she goes upstairs.
Does anyone else have off days? I havent even managed to get dressed properly, my top half is all ready but still have pj bottoms on! The b'fast pots still need washing and it will be lunch time soon! My oh should be finishing at 13.30 today but he's doing ot so wont be in until about 5.30! God thats over 6 hrs away!
Think i need a kick up the bum.... gonna put the washing on the line, that should wake me up... it's freezing!


  • I say forget the housework and have a cup of tea when they are both asleep, everyone is allowed an off day (or week sometimes in my case!) Maybe you are fighting off what the children have if they are both unwell and that is why you are tired. HOpe you feel better soon, xxx
  • LOL.....that's normally me every Sat lately!! Coz dh has major trouble with his back at the mo, I'm rather busy with pretty much everything during the week so when Sat arrives I kinda flake out & doss. Bless him thou, dh does try & help out during the wkends as much as he can so I do get a bit of a break. Will be glad when we've moved as where we are has 2 sets of stairs which are no good for dh's back problem and we're moving to a bungalow which shud mean he'll have one less thing to aggravate his back.
  • Hey babe,
    I've only just seen your post as I've been run off me fat feet today-sorry!
    Hope you've managed to get some time to yourself when Erin had her nap.
    I am feeling so heady myself, think I def have what baby A has. Thought it was going but he's really struggled yesterday and today poor little soul.
    Anyway your oh will be home now and I hope you've had a better afternoon and didn't bother with silly old housework!
    Take care and let me know about Monday if you still fancy it x
  • Aw thanks girlies..
    Day got better... oh came home and i just left him with kids and had a nice hot bubble bath, did the trick. We got kids to bed and had nice take away and an early nightimage
    Feeling loads better today... see i missed the action again last night, so glad everyone ignoring it. Here's to a trouble free weekend! X
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