What do we worry about?

I've always been a worrier and 99% of the time it's about things that are totally beyond my control (people who are lonely) or unlikely to happen (hubby having a car crash).

Now that Lily's here I have other worries to add to these! Not everyday, understandable worries like "is she putting on enough weight?" or "am I doing the right thing by doing xyz for her?" - but ridiculous things like "what if I drop her over the side of this railing?" or "what if I leave her behind?" - ie things that are NOT going to happen!

What do you worry about?


  • Ok this might sound stupid but i worry that something will happen to me during the day (like i faint or fall down stairs) and Frankie will be on her own just crying and no one will come to her. I really do worry about this a lot.

    I also worry about getting pregnant again esp with all the baby dust flying around here. I dont know what we would do as we could not afford it at all.

    Those are my two biggest worries.
  • Kirsty and Frankie i worry about the same thing as you - something happening to me and my son being left alone crying and hungry until someone finds us - the thought makes me feel physically sick.

    I also worry a lot about my security at home - we were burgled when i was little and the other week someone got into my flat where i had left the front door unlocked for my hubby coming home. He thought he was in the right flat (visiting a friend) but he was on the wrong floor - scared the sh*t out of me when he walked into my living room and i was sat feeding lo.
  • ok im prob gonna sound like a weirdo but .........i truly believe our lives are mapped out for us but we choose the paths we take...i always worry that ill make a wrong decision and something terrible will happen to me,dan or my kids !even though its beyond my control!!...........

    like u though ptb i worry 99.9 % of the time about everyday things ..i think guilt comes with being a parent doesnt it??
  • I can really sympathise, I suffer with anxiety with OCD, dr thought it was PND but when I saw a specialist he confirmed what it was, and said that the everyday stresses of caring for a baby had made it worse. My main worries were things like what if I dropped Gabe or hurt him on purpose. It used to drive me mad with panic and still does to some extent. I wouldn't bath him alone or walk down stairs while holding him. (Luckily our room which I share with Gabe is a garage conversion!!) I know other mums take these things for granted but I'd spend hours awake panicking about it. I'm MUCH better now and nearly back to 'normal'. Also, ever since I was tiny I've been a bit of a people pleaser and I always panic about what people think of me or if they hate me and talk about me behind my back!!!!! I also been worrying a lot lately about my grandma, I keep forgetting to call her, she's 81 and I worry that she'll die before I get the chance! *sorry bit morbid* Also I have an incessant fear that I will laugh at weird moments, like if someone dies I'll laugh out of nerves....sorry that sounds TERRIBLE but I am a real panic merchant!!!! xxxx
  • I'm a terrible worrier, i have suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks and have been medicated in the past for it, i lost my hair from it !! I'm terrified of dying! absolutley petrified! I have palpitations and convince myself my heart is going to stop beating! or get pains in my legs and think i have a blood clot and i will die frokm it! I think its down to watching my mum die when she was 34 and i was 16, she was wide awake and looking at me and im terrified i will die awake and be in pain and scared!! on a lighter note i worry about getting older, and i worry about my sons health (lewis) i constantly think i will lose him! starnge how i dont think about it with the other 2 just him! he is the middle child! xx
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