A sensible routine?

this is a routine that im ry to follow with my lo he has naturally followed this today so thats a good start, but can i have some opinions on the routine ive divised as not too sure what im doing. as some of you no harri has been unsettled the last two weeks and is gradually getting better so i want things to be routine and settled for him
7-8 botttle
10-11 bottle
1-3 bottle then lunch with a little break in between
5 bottle
8 bottle with baby rice in
10-11 bottle with rice in (dream feed)

what do you think? xx

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  • that sounds like a good routine to me! glad he's settling into it for you, it's easier isn't it! the only suggestion i do have is now that you're weaning him and he's having a spoonfeed for lunch, do you think somewhere between his 5pm and 8pm bottle he could have another spoon feed of baby rice, rather than him having it in his bottle? it's fine to do it the way you are, but perhaps it'll help with the weaning if you add another meal? also you can see exactly how much rice he's taking if you do it by spoon feed? just a suggestion xxx
  • good suggestion and i will give it a few weeks then try that but as he is such a small eater i wanna ease him into the sppon feeds gently as ive only been giving him sppon feeds for 1 week then the it will be a breakfast. glad you think its ok at last ive got summit right as dont feel like i do most of the time lol xx
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