Baby burgers

Hi ladies. I've came to the conclusion that my lo hates the spoon right now because of teething. He's 7m and I'm looking for some recipes to try.

Baby B had some brilliant ideas but I can't find the thread. I'd like to try chicken burgers and fish cakes ect - but they must be suitable for a 7m old.

Also - for carbs can I make him things like wedges?

He eats toast everyday or bread if I make eggy bread but I want to introduce other forms..any ideas? I'll be going to tesco later to pick up the stuff for tonight! X


  • Hiya! I dont know about other mums but I found that burgers and wedges were too much for my son at 7 months, he didnt started eating things like that until he was about 10months old. Youre probably best to stick to carrot sticks, broccoli, fruit etc esp if his teeth are hurting as they are nice and soft and simple tastes.. Maybe try spag bol, my little boy loves picking the spagetti up!

    Hope this helps
    Claire x x
  • my lo loves home made fish cakes and are really easy to make. just take some mashed pototoe stir in a tin of tuna or salmon some peas/sweetcorn bind with egg whisked with a little milk shape and oven cook.if you want you could alway roll in bread crums before cooking.
  • My little girl likes meatballs she is 8months but they are really simple, about 500g mince 100g stale bread an egg a tsp of mixed herbs a finely chopped onion and a clove of garlic crushed mix in a bowl and shape into balls makes about 20 brown then cook in a tin of tomatoes, half a tin of water and a low salt or baby stock cube.
    The recipe could also make burgers
  • Fish cakes are a fave for my 8mo, since he was 7mo. Same recipe as holly has said really but I add lemon rind and a touch of self raising flour which makes them fluffy. I too bake them as think it's healthier than frying in oil though I make up a big batch and freeze the rest which I do reheat in a pan (non-stick, no oil).

    Home-made crumbed fish is also another winner for us, with veg served separately. i also keep good quality fish fingers as backup in the freezer.

    My lo goes off the spoon when his teeth are cutting so a trusty back up is avocado from the fridge as the coolness is soothing to him.
    Avocado or hummous is also good to smear on the burgers too, especially if reheated since they are a little more dry then!
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