Tax credits!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to get hold of someone anyone in the tax credits departemnt for over 2 days now!!! there is just an automated servicet that says theirbusy and to call back... goodbye!!! how will i ever get hold of them?

Does anyone know of an email address or a number other than 08453003900?


  • I got through when I tried just before 8am x
  • been trying every hour since 8 this morning!! I will try just before 8 tomorrow and see if i can get through x
  • i started the call for them around 5 to 8,by the time i got through all the bits and bobs i got in right away,was well chuffed,so id say try before 5,10 mins before 8
  • Thanks girls, i will set my alarm so i dont forget in the morning!!

  • 01355 359007
  • Also worth remembering that they're open 8-8 every day, including weekends which are much quieter. I had to ring them last week and was screaming at the phone by the time I have up on Friday night but got through pretty quickly on Saturday morning
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