Gone from settling ok to screaming at every nap?

Hi ladie I need some help.

Ds has always been ok to settle in his cot but recently it's becomes more and more hard! He won't lie still to be tucked in, and doesn't seem to want to just lay in a sleepy state..he either wakes up compleltey and starts smiling and getting excited or cries and cries and puts his arms up. It's exhausting!

I do know that he's teething as his first little one came through a week ago but he's not in pain half the time he's crying to be picked up.

He's also learned how to roll over and push himself up yet not quite mastered crawling so if I were to leave him to self settle, he'd just flip over!

My oh is now just cuddling him to sleep or wrapping him in a blanket and getting him to sleep...then unwrapping him and putting him down but I hate this as I feel it's doing me no favours or lo as the nursery isn't going to hold an rock him till he falls asleep for everynap are they!?!? So needless to say we fell out over it as oh just wants an easy early bedtime (7.30) and some time to ourselves so doesn't understand why I'm not for the options that's working. Urrgh men!

Anyway, I'm really struggling as to what to do. It would seem that although I am strong willed my lo may be stronger!


  • Hi Princess87
    My LO is a bit like this at the mo - she started fighting her day time naps once it got really hot a week or so ago and it's been a struggle since then.
    I don't have much advice to offer - I've resorted to putting her in the pushchair just to get her to drop off and leaving her in the hallway (the coolest spot in the house) for daytime naps.
    At night we've got ourselves a couple of sleeping bags so we don't have the rigmarole of lying her into a cold bed and tucking her in when she's drowsy (it wakes her up!) and evening sleep-times have become a lot easier.
    good luck
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