MILK - when did your LO not want it anymore,,,?

My Lo is now 7 months and she has never been a big milk drinker due to Reflux. This has been under control with meds for about 3 months now and we are well into weaning with 3 solid meals / day. She currently only has 3 bottles - one when she wakes 6am ish, one at 2:30ish and one at 6:3o ish before bed at 7pm. However she seems to have NO interest in her 6:30pm bottle at all and for the past 2 nights has drunk nothing at all.....she is teething but she seems just too full from tea or simply not interested anymore. Has anyone had any experience when their LO simply refused to drink milk before a year ? Also if they refuse formula before a year can you swap to Cows Milk or MUST you wait till they are one ? Hope someone can help as it is starting to stress me a bit !! S XX


  • my LO is 6 months old and has always been more interested in food than milk, although after starting purees at 4.5 months as advised to try and up her milk intake she did seem to like it more. however we're now on three meals and she could not care less if i give her milk or not during the day, she only drinks half of her morning bottle and all of her bedtime one, and anything else is a bonus for me!

    i pretty much make her breakfast and anything else i can with formula and give her plenty of calcium enriched products to help get more into her. as long as your LO is still putting weight on i was basically told she was fine and only to worry if she stopped putting on weight or dropping centiles. but as she has always been a little drinker (only 4 bottles every 24 hrs since 8 weeks as slept through) i don't worry too much. am sure if they wanted/needed it they'd let us know!

    as for cows milk i have no idea hun best to ask doc/hv if unsure xx
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