Baby-led weaning questions

We've just started blw with Peter and it seems to be going well so far but I have few questions for those of you with more experience.

Firstly, what times do you have meals? We currently have breakfast around 8:30, lunch around 1 and dinner at 6. I was advised by the hv to offer at least one afternoon snack as well but I am bit confused about how to fit all this around milk feeds which are currently at roughly 7:30, 11:00, 1:30/2:00, 5 and 7 (he's bf'd so this varies a bit day to day). Yesterday he demanded a feed right in the middle of lunch - not normally a problem but I had my in-laws visiting. :roll:

Secondly, how do you make sure that the food is the right temperature for everyone to eat together? I have found that if Peter's food is the right temperature then ours has got cold and if our food is the right temperature it is far too warm for him.

Finally, he is developing spots under his chin from the bib. Any tips on how to clean it properly so it doesn't irritate him? It is one of the all over long-sleeved ones from Mothercare, brilliant for keeping him tidy, but obviously not so good for his skin.

Thanks in advance.


  • Haven't done blw but have you tried the tommee tippee ones with the raised cloth bit at the neck? You could put one of those on top of the long sleeved one x
  • Food wise, I tend to try and serve Ciaran's as early as I can and then serve ours. So I'll spoon out sauce and pasta for him from the pans, then proceed with draining the pasta properly for us, and then serve our sauce.

    Don't know about the bibs but the tt ones could well be worth a try.

    Meal time wise, we tend to do breakfast around 7.45/8am depending on what time he wakes up and has his bottle, lunch at 1pm, and tea at 6pm.

    Then used to do the bottles inbetween at 11 and 3 or 4pm, but I've dropped both of those now (8mths). I didn't used to do much in the way of snack, but I have started doing more - either fruit or ricecakes.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks, kristin. The timings make sense. I think I have to move his late afternoon feed up, if possible, and replace it with a snack in the fullness of time.

    Whereabouts are the TT bibs for sale, Jem? I haven't seen them anywhere.
  • I've definitely seen them in mothercare, bigger boots and tesco and I'm sure you could order them online from one of those x
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