help.wont sleep unless in pram or just wont sleep!

my LO is 9 wks and will not sleep in day unless pushed in pram, we never did this is habbit at all we just used to rock to sleep or he went by self and when we got pram and started going for walks naturally he falls asleep in it as im sure all babies do,and that was it now he only wants to sleep in pram and will cry for long time if i try another method. over night he isnt to bad he will be happy to fall asleep in arms then back down in cot,although he takes a while to settle. how can i help him break this habbit? and can anyone relate


  • so you think put him in pram but just dont rock him? if he crys just pick him up and then put him down when settles and carry on till goes off,did you find this took a while to settle,ie an hr or so before they go off and after a period of weeks then they do themselves

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  • I wouldn't pick up a 9 week old as it just stimukates them. I "shush-pat" Abby by placing my hand on her chest and shushing so that she knows I'm there. It does take a while at first but it does get shorter over time. I personally find Abby won't go down in a room where I am but each baby is different.

    Good luck,
    H xx
  • we in a one level flat,is it really that bad to push in pram anyway i think i may be doing what i think im ' suppose too' if that makes sense, the sush pat method doesnt work for him its gets hystertical i read that in the baby whisperer book too but to me shush pat is a habbit too so whats the difference between doing that and doing pram or bouncer or something else to get them to sleep?
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