Is this normal?

Hi girls, my baby girl is 3 weeks old today and she has just been sick, not loads just a wee bit, it looked like milk, mixed with snotty green boagys, what is worrying me is there is like some red blood looking snot in it, again not much, probably about the size of her nail. She seems fine, isn't crying etc and is being her usual self, should I phone the doctors or health visitor? What do you think? She is breastfed x

just to add she has got a cold and has a very snotty nose, after my little panic I am thinking the snotty ness is just from her nose and a bit of it is bloody from maybe a burst blood vessel or something. That's exactly what it looks like, like someone has blown their nose. Could the anita have come down through her mouth?

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  • If you're concerned, always phone the health visitor. That's what they're there for. I get worried when people take medical advice from strangers on websites!!

    Saying that, if she's breastfed, do you have a crack that might be bleeding. I had something similar with my first baby and it turned out to me my blood.

    I hope you find an answer. Enjoy your little girl today!
  • Thanks. I have called hv,left a message for her to call back. I was just wondering if anyone has had anything similar. I've not got any cracks etc so can't be from me x
  • Hiya. I can understand why you posted something on here afterall its what the forum is here for!!!
    Your baby is still tiny so it could still be mucus that your baby took in during birth.Was it a normal birth?
    Hopefully the HV can put you at ease. My baby is 6 weeks tonight and I've been in touch with the HV a lot over various concerns and they have been fab!It turns out my baby has reflux.
    Enjoy the next few weeks because they suddenly turn into babies and don't stay newborn for long.
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