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hey girls,

Well Isabella finally went down in her cot on thursday, after 4 months of co-sleeping with me and my boyfriend. she keeps waking at 4am and goes down at 7:30pm, she doesnt wake for night feeds any more, so has any1 got advice on how to help her sleep until she gets up at 7am? she gets unsettled and spits the dummy out so i give in and put her in our bed, any advice girls?



  • Firstly - don't give in! She will wake knowing that you will pick her up and take her into your bed and so will start to wake out of habit. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind I'm afraid. Have you tried just putting her dummy back in, patting her head & tummy (without talking to her) then leaving her. Sometimes when I just leave my lo in her cot she will re-settle herself.
    Try and persevere with that and see what happens?
    hth xx
  • I give Frankie a little teddy that she snuggles up to and drops back off. I swore i wouldnt let her have a comforter but i need my sleep!!!
  • Can't help only sympathise I'm afraid. Archie goes down 7.30 every night with no probs. No night feed. He wakes between 5-7 every morning and needs quite a lot of encouragement to go back to sleep. Usually dummy every 5 mins until I give in and take him in with us. Was hoping that weaning would help him to stretch out his sleeping a wee bit but doesn't seem to have made much difference.
    I'm going to get a black out blind and see if that helps, I think it's harder cos he room is lighter and as soon as he sees me he smiles and wants to play. Soon as I cuddle him in bed with us zzzzzzzzzz !!
    Might have to get tough with him as ccbmommy suggests. Not looking forward to it though. Let me know if you have any success. S x
  • Oh lo was excatly the same. Its not easy but cc was the only thing that got her to realise I wasnt going to pick her up ne more. I just went in, put the dummy back in and came straight back out again. It was tough at first, but after only a couple of days she had learnt to fall asleep on her own and stay asleep. We also moved out of our room at 5 months, this really helped as she was such a light sleeper, the slighest noise would wake her up and leave her unsettled for HOURS! Prob my fault for letting her sleep with us for so long, it was a difficult habit to break, but worth it as I loved her sleeping in our bed image They are only tiny once x x x
  • Thanks girls, i usually just pat her and put the dummy back in, but she shouts and after an hour i give in and put her in the bed, do u think if i perservered she will eventually drop off? xx
  • I would try & persevere with leaving her in her own cot yes. She may not drop off straight away but will soon get to realise that mummy will not come running as soon as she makes a noise. Of course if she's upset then go to her (not saying totally ignore her). It's just the time to grit your teeth and bear it if you can!
  • i'm glad i've just seen this post cos jack is exactly the same and i do the same thing, put him in bed with me cos it's easiest. i read my gina ford book and she says about the controlled crying and i'm sure somewhere it says baby shouldn't cry for more than 40 mintues or something, well jack has been known to go on for about 2 hours! may be cos i talk to him when i go in, must get tuff - may start tonight ! x
  • steph id like to pick your brains on how you got her out of co sleeping as my lo is at the moment (only 7weeks old) and would like some tips thanx xx
  • Hi hun,

    Isabella was in the bed with us until last week and shes almost 5 months it got to the point where my boyfriend and i were arguing over it and it was effecting our relationship, i was going to go straight in with the controlled crying but i gave her her last bottle at 7 and she fell asleep in my arms, at about 7:30 i put her in the cot asleep and she usually stays their til bout 4am, i then give in and put her in the bed, but im getting there! i can sympathise hun because its so hard but i know it will be worth it in the end! xxx
  • thanks im bf'ing at moment so its much easier and i get more sleep having him co-sleeping. he hates his moses basket , going to buy a cot this weekend and see how we go lol, mite just drop the side and have it nxt to bed at 1st so itll be easier i hope.
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