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Where has our hot topic gone?

did it get so bad that it has been removed! :lol:


  • my mother in law gave my 12 week old baby coffee yesterday
    hows that for ya? :x
  • and she also told my oh it would be find to give him smash (the fake powdery minging fake mashed potatoes...made with milk and butter)

    who the hell is that stupid?
  • Mine was horrified that I hadn't given my 4 month year old chocolate buttons or a lolly yet!!! What are they like??? Coffee????
  • Oh how funny is that although if my mil ever tried to give coffee or smash ( i wouldnt even eat that by the way) then i think i would have to whack her round the head with a jar of it!! Mskene think its on the next page im sure theres alot to put on there cos im sure everyone would have something good to say as im sure we all had the pleasure of them over the xmas break !! x
  • Trust me, I wanted to smack her round the head!!

    She gives her 2 year old nephew bottles of coke and bucket loads of chocolate. Im NEVER letting my lo go round there again, even with his daddy there! Bloody men!
  • my fil seems to think that a packet of buttons is the best thing ever, i dont argue coz i love them lol! my lo doesn't get sweets yet, am not really going to start! he loves an ice lolly on his gums! oh and he likes to bite my cup when i have finished my tea, but i would never give him coffee, thats nearly as bad as my neighbour saying give him brandy lol
  • Hi all, my mil is spot on with my lo but my neighbour put FANTA in a cup for him today (he's not quite 10 months). When I protested she said - but look he likes it.... oh great lets just pull his teeth out now !!
  • What the hell are your mils thinking? I have the worst kind of mil, she lives next door and is baby mad! She walks into my home without knocking and completely takes over! She isnt all there mentally [or so i keep telling myself!] and as my hubby is her only son she thinks she can tell me how to feed him and wash his clothes etc.
    What really pisses me off is when my 10 week old baby is finally asleep, she will come in and lift her out of her crib when im on the loo or doing something and go next door with her without even telling me! The first time she done it i was in hesterics crying and worried so much i threw up! What the hell??? As for feeding my lo she cant feed herself or her own hubby so she better not advise meon how to feed my baby let alone try to give her something, i will break her bloody neck!
    There i go on another rant but the woman actually put me in hospital when i was pregnant with high bloodpressure and i swear she makes my blood boil just thinking about her! If i dont go now i will work myself into a bad temper and i wont be fit to sleep tonight! LOL.
  • omg id hate to live next to my mil. it was bad enough living in the same house as her for 5 months...
    if i were u id lock my doors at all times and close all the windows..
    i remember once my oh had slept in for work (this was when my lo was 10 days old) this was about 7am and she drove 12 miles to bang on our door, ring our door bell repeatadly, yank at the handle on our door and bang on the windows just to get him out of bed because he was late. when my oh finally answered the door (new baby...hello respect anyone?) she plonked herself down on the sofa and said "im not leaving until i see my grandson" and my oh told her he was upstairs sleeping with me and she said "go wake him up then"

    :x :x :x :x :x :x

    i hate her! shes a nosey, irratating stupid old bat!! grrrr

    dont you just hate that ur oh doesnt think theres a problem?!

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  • I technically should not be on the baby part of the forum but had to write at my shock that someone (let alone a mother) would give a baby coffee!! I dont think i drank coffee until i was about 18. The problem is if you say anything negative they say 'well i have brought up my kids alright'
  • oh dont you just love these mil posts! ha ha ha i havent seen mine since isaacs naming day which is great and i have refused to speak to her or see her any more, i have had enough crap from her over the last 16 years and finally i have decided no more mil!!!! mind you she did ring up the other day and my caller id wasnt working so i answered (oh bugger) she just said can i speak to my son and as he wasnt in i said no and put the phone down. it rang straight away but i didnt answer it. childish i know but boy did it feel good.:lol::lol::lol:
  • OH MY GOD don't get me started about mils. mine is a total pain in the arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks and sounds like a man, and all my kids have cried at her when they have been babies, my youngest who is 7 months cries at her the moment he sees her.
    when my first was born we came home from the hosp with him and he was crying so she put her finger in his mouth to try and calm him. i was so cross as she is a smoker and never washes her hands so i said not to do it she went in a right mood with me. then when he was a few months old she gave him some wine. she said ohh look he likes it, and went to give him some more i flew at her. we had a big argument. then at his first christmas she argued with us over his christmas presents.sheisso thick skinned she never listens to anything we say. she has never looked after any of our 5 kids as i don't trust her. she was cross when we had our little girl, we already had 3 boys so our little girl was really welcome to us, but her she had to cause a commotion over her, she didn't want a grand daughter as her own daughter had given her one. she wanted us to have all boys, how selfish is that!!!!!!!!!!!
    i could go on and on about her and still never stop, she is a major pain. she has caused so many arguments between me and my hubby and she knows what she is doing, she doesn't like it that her son is making a life for him self and is happy and she doesn't like it that i am the more important female in his life, she hasn't been the same with me since we had our first baby so now we have had baby 5 she is right off with us.
  • OMG Pen! I think you have won worst mil award - giving your baby wine!! Christ on a bike that's bad! Jo xx
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