Where to get a nice Christening Gown?

Evie and Kyra are having a double christening next month. Evie has hers it's gorgeous! I can't seem to find a nice one for Kyra. She's in 6-9 months now, but ideally would like it to be 9-12 months to allow for growth. I've already got white tights and shoes, just need the gown and bonnet...any ideas?? xox


  • i got mine from debenhams babe. i looked all over birmingham and the only place that sold them was debenhams and mamas and pappas. mamas and papas had some gorg ones but i thought they were expensive. i payed ??35 for daisys and it was lovely. daisy was 1o months at hers and crawling and cruising. i bought her a long dress and realised i had made a mistake. so we sewed some ribbons inside the dress and then pulled them up after service. bit like when you hook your train up on a wedding dress it gathered the dress up into a puffball type dress so she could walk and crawl after the service.
  • have you looked in tk maxx?
    i know it sounds a bit random but they have some beautiful dresses & i actually saw a christening one in there the other day it's rrp was ??54.99 & they were selling it for ??8.99 with headband & something else that I can't remember possibly a shawl all for ??8.99! xx
  • i know its expensive but monsoon have some gorgeous girls stuff i cant wait to take sophia shopping there xxxxx
  • Try your local market. My mum suggested it to me and i got a beautiful gown for ??30. It came with a bonnet but we got a baby headband from ebay for about ??3. They were really good and said if there wasnt something i wanted they could make whatever i was after.

    This is it
  • Oh my! Some beautiful things on that website gravida1!! Kirsty I can't see the link hun, say's it's unavailable! xox
  • Oooh theres a GORGEOUS collection in John Lewis, but i can't remember how much they were. Apologies they may be quite expencive! xxx
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