Back to work meeting tomorrow

Got my meeting tomorrow, need to decide if im going back in March or having till June unpaid.
OH says its up to me. He just got a promotion so we can manage but we get married in september so could do with the extra money...i just dont feel ready to leave my little man!

what do you all reckon? Go back and get some money behind us? or spend these precious months with cameron? i think im swaying towards staying with cameron but i know i wont want to leave him in june either!
oh i dont know what to do!!! Help me?!!

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  • Will you have to pay out for childcare? if so you may as well stay off with your son.

    If I had the choice I would stay off
  • Why don't you split the difference and go back end of April - that way you get another 6 weeks or so with him but can still earn more money before the wedding?? It's never easy leaving them and the longer you leave it that harder it can be - if you have to go back at all that is!
  • you only get to have maternity leave with each child once so enjoy it if you can - you won't get it back. I would check out the childcare cover as for me Iknow it's not worth it unlil he's a year old.
  • Hi,
    This is exactly what we have to decide in the next few weeks. My money ends at the end of March but I think I might go back in June as lo will be 11 months and I would feel better about leaving him with others then. But my oh hasn't had a promotion and they've stopped all paid overtime so things will be tight but I think we can and should make sacrifies-less choc for me which will be no bad thing!!
    I think Donna&Poppy's idea is a really good comparimise (sp??) as you've your wedding coming up-is that an option?
    Anyway, enough of me waffling on, good luck for your meeting tomorrow xx
  • thanks ladies.
    i have thought about going back at some point in-between march and june, but i keep thinking like kristinmc that i'l only get this time once with cam. also think im being a bit lazy in thinking if i can have time off i should (got used to being at home i think)
    if i enjoyed my job id prob be keener to go back but i moved from a good department in manchester when i was prg cos i wanted to be closer to home when i had cameron, but my new role is bbbooooooorrrrriiiinnngggg!
    i suppose it depends what kind of hours they can offer me tomorrow too. i dont have to pay for childcare luckily, mil and fil will be having him.
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