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Anyone used Dozal???

My lo has been teething mad the last few night and ive gotten no sleep he isnt even sleeping in the day he had a 10 minute nap todayu that was it. My friend who has a little girl 3 years old said she used dozal and she slept right through her teething. Just wondering has anyone else used or heard of it??


  • I've never heard of it Hun but, I swear by Medised, which does the same thing.
  • Hi

    I used this when I was going on a long journey when Kara was teething. She slept the whole 3 hours of the journey. However she slept the 3 hours on the way there as well without it. I also gave it to her one night a couple of weeks ago as she had been up a couple of nights before with her teeth. She still woke up during the night but not a lot of times. It is stronger than Calpol as well and contains paracetamol. My friend gave it to her sons before and thought it was good. Don't worry about the drowsiness though because I found it not that bad.
  • I tried it tonight but it didnt work i tried spooning it in and he was sick then i tried using a seringe sick again, then tried feeding it through a bottle and sick again so i have now given up as he has prob thrown up all his food for the dayimage

    I then gave him calpol and he wasnt sick with that so maybe he is allergic or something.

    My friend said she used it and her little girl slept for 10 hours, i wish lol
  • its a little like calpol for teething pain etc but it is meant to make them sleep aswell or helps them to fall asleep with pain. Cant tell you if it works though because my little man seems to be sick everytime i give it to him, so i have given up.
  • i got mine at my local chemist, i just asked at the counter. Good Luck with it hope it works for you.
  • My mother used to load us up on that stuff, sometimes people thought we were dead because they couldn't hear us breath.

    people told us later on in our life's that if there was a peep out of us she'd pour it down us to knock us out mmmmmmmmm she was another shocking IRISH mother.

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