Do you work from home & what do you do?

Hello Ladies,

My mat leave runs out beginning of feb and Im not returning to work, which means I also lose my working tax credit.So I will have limited income with a husband who is a student so no income there!! I am keen to work from home. I have tried doing a bit of research.

I am interested to know if any of you work for barefoot books / kleeneze / Usbourne books or anyother complany?If you dont mind me asking, How much do you earn when you first started and now? Also, how did you get started?

I have spoken to a member on hear about usbourne books and I am interested in joining. But before jumping in to quickly, I wanted to keep my options open and do a bit morer easearch.

All views /ideas welcomeimage xxx

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  • Hi there Joey08

    Glad to hear you are still interested in Usborne. If you want anymore info from me just drop me an email again!

    Also just so you know till the end of Jan the joining fee is ONLY ??19 instead of ??38 which is a bargain and even if you aren't starting IMMEDIATELY might be worth considering

    As for how I got started I had my first party at home just for a few friends, then I asked at some of the baby groups I go to with lo and they had me, then I asked friends from further afield about groups or schools that they were involved in and it grew from there. Also - I think I mentioned to you the forum that my uplines and my teams have access to? Well I get LOADS of FAB ideas from there of where to go for business!

    The first couple of months I worked I didn't make loads but I DID make money even in my VERY first month - but now that I have built a few recruits and got some regular events I am earning a few hundred pounds a month with EASE and it will hopefully only grow!

    Sassaboo Drop me an email to [email protected] and I can send you a load of introduction info for Usborne books and answer any questions you have after that or have a look at my website

    HTH - if not ask anything else!
  • i joined kleeneze a while ago and have to admit they made it sound so easy but it was so time consuming with a lo, u had to put so much wk into it for very little rewards- needless to say i gave up in a few weeks. xxx
  • i also did kleeneze and i agree it was quite time consuming and we hardly made any money from it. we gave up after 2 months x
  • The ??19 it is to join Usborne (at the moment) is to set up ENTIRELY your own business! Then you get out as much as you put in. So I spend evenings sending emails and a couple of lo's nap times in a week making phone calls - then I go to places to sell the books that I can take the little man with me to so soft plays, toddler groups etc etc etc or when oh can look after him. But equally it being MY business means if I don't want to do ANYTHING for a month or a week or whatever then I don't and it doesn't matter - there are no targets so I work to my own schedule!
  • Craftycharlie is right. Usborne is fantastic, so easy to fit in around your family or even a full or part time job & you can earn good money at it especially when your team begins to grow. For the month of november I earned around ??800 from Usborne which was great just before Christmas. Also the support network you have from uplines & fellow usborners is fantastic, not to mention the various incentives along the way. I only started in June of last year & managed to promote to team leader in september & have just qualified for a trip to Paris in March (which I am sooooo looking forward to!!!!) Apart from all that though I just loved the idea of my kids growing up surrounded by beautiful good quality books. It was definately the best ??38 I ever spent (though as Craftycharlie says the starter kit is half price at the moment & is only ??19!!!!!)

    Hilary x

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  • Iasked about kleeneze as mycousin hasstarted doingit.Fromyour advice and researchingit...Im thinkingno!

    thanks ladies re :usbourne.I was thinking of emailing you Charlotte but havent got round to it yet! Still considering it but I need to be 100% certainI can pull it off. I guess you could say Im a bit scared! Im thinking of waiting untilI have established myself at a couple of toddler groups.Surely sales will below after Christmas? I know its a long way off but I've researched on the web and sept time seems to appear to be a better time to start as children start school and people start preparing early for Christmas etc.

    Usbourne leaders.....what time of yr are your lowest sales and when are your highest sales? guessing nov/dec for latter.
  • November is renouned to be the best month for sales & I'm guessing january to be the quietest. In saying that there are lots of things you can do with Usborne to boost your sales a quieter times of the year other than simply just selling such as sponsored reads & community books pledges. I personally think though that in order to make a decent wage the key is building your own team, which you can do from day 1. Once you qualify as team leader (which believe me isnt that difficult once you get the bug & put your mind to it!!) you are guaranteed a minimum of ??100 a month from your team commission, then whatever you earn as personal commission on top of that so it all does add up to a nice little income. As I have said before the support network with Usborne is fantastic compared to a lot of other companies. I have recently had someone join my team who left Virgin Vie for that reason & is now doing really well with Usborne & has great plans for 2009.

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask & one of us will be able to answer it for you

    Hilary x
  • i looked into wrkin from home they do sound it so easy but its not and you need to go out and sell stuff. so if your good at selling maybe it may be right for you. im due bk in wrk in feb so i went to a childminding breifing in my area so im filling in forms for that. im returning back to wrk as i need to for the time being but its something to fall back on, specially how everything is happening at the mo. you dont need qualifications to apply for it. which i do anyway. but if anyone does do wrk from home and its so easy let me know i would be interested.
  • I agree with hilary about doing other things through the year to boost Usborne not just selling books and there are events that you can focus on with schools and groups as well - like world book day in March & childrens book week in Oct schools/nurseries/sure start etc always want things to happen for these times. Plus unlike with makeup/jewellery/candles etc people see there children's education as ESSENTIAL not a luxury so they buy books year round not just as extra's!

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  • Have emailed you Craftycharli. xxx
  • Oh and Can you sell these books on eBay? xx
  • Emailed you back garfield!!!
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