Having a real brainless moment and wondered if all you facebook users could help me.
I have just got round to setting up facebook and can't work out how I can put my maiden name on aswell so that i will come up on a search as either surname.
Any ideas?
If anyone wants to add me I'm Jo Chappell.

May put another name on like like thicky as all my braincells must of fell out when i had lo!


  • you put it that you are married then it gives you option of putting in maiden name, it wont come up on your pofile but when some searches for you useing your maiden name it will find you, but all i done is in my surename i put my maiden first then my married name, if this makes sence lol xx
  • Bristol network.
    It hasn't given me the option to put maiden name in and i don't know how to change my name now.

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  • Jo, is your profile pic of you with blonde hair? I can only find one Joanne Chappell in Bristol and want to make sure it's you x
  • No I have just put a pic on and it is of me and hubby on wedding day and a bit long distance as i don't like my photo (I'm the one in the dress lol!)
    I am under Jo Chappell Bristol and should be working now so please add me.
  • have just requested you xxxxxx
  • Have added you Marsha, thanks, your girls are gorgeous by the way!
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