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stretch and sweep work for you?

Hi mums, just g/c from pregnancy. I've been offered a stretch and sweep but wondering if they really work. Did you have one and did it work? If so how soon after? Thanks


  • hiya no mine didn't work. thought it would as i was in a lot of discomfort afterwards and bled quite a bit but alas no. if it's gonna work it will do so within 48 hrs. i had it done on the friday but bubs didn't come till the following weds!
  • hi i had one on a thurs and by the sat night i was in labour, so yes they do work, also sil had one one a thurs and had bubs by friday. Every one is different so it might work for u but could not.
    Baby will come when their ready.

    Good luck.
    Sarah xx
  • I had one at 39+4 and had my baby girl within 48 hours.

    It's not always a question of whether they work or not - sometimes they just can't be performed if your cervix isn't soft & open enough. If I'm offered one at a similar stage this time round (and the mw is able to perform it) I'll definitely have it.
  • i had one on 1st april at lunchtime and had pippa the next day at 2.28pm, so worked for me, but pippa was going to come out anyway as was going for induction the day i had her
  • My cervix was closed and posterior although soft and so mine couldnt be performed Properly she tried but it was still in same state 6 days later when we went to discuss my induction date. I ended up being induced that day instead as my bp was high

    x x
  • Hi I had one at 40+5 at 10.30am, contractions started at midnight, gave birth the next day ... so yes, worked for me! Good luck x

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