I had a second degree tear in my perenium and another small tear that both needed stiches. I just wondered how likely that scar tissue is to tear again with any future children and how many Mum's with 2 or more tore with their first but not subsequent children?
DS was back to back so I think it was worse than it would have been had he been the right way round. Hopefully this means any future children won't cause as much damage as they come out if they are facing the right way!!!
Also my cervix didn't dilate properly and a lip only dilated to 6 cm and trapped his head so I had to resist the urge to push for an hour or so and then they had to manually remove the lip from his head before I could push, is that likely to happen again or just one of those things?


  • With my first i had a severe 3rd degree tear and an episiotomy he was back to back and ended up as forceps after 3 days. Oskar flew into the world in 2hours 53 mins from watewrs to birth and i only had a 2nd degree tear - along the same line but nowhere near as bad. i didnt dilate properly with first but was already 3cm when waters went with 2nd - i believe it was down to the epo i used from 34weeks well worththe hassle for how much better my dilation was.
  • If its any help i had an episiotomy for my first birth for a forceps delivery, and ive never torn on the scar or any where else near it.

    Gemm x
  • Hi hun, i had a second degree tear with both of my girls but the second time was alot easier if thats possible. When i was pushing i had to stop and start when Isabelle's head was crowning but unfortunatly it didnt stop me tearing. This time round was much easier afterwards like it didnt sting when going for a wee and recovery is much quicker. xx
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