A Gross question please?


What colour is the plug? Is it possible to gradually lose it too? I think i am gradually loosing it. A bit last night and some this morning.It was clear and streaky white (no pink or brown) last night and more yellow white this morning. Its like snotty in texture!!

Sorry to be so graphic.
Baby is 3/5 engaged and im 37+3

Thank u

Caz xx :\?


  • Sounds like it could be - but when I lost mine there was no mistaking it, there was loads!!

    Exciting, not long now...

    B x
  • Mine was gloopy, clear, streaked with blood, and there was *lots* of it. I lost mine all at once when my contractions started though, so it might be different if you lost it gradually...

    Good luck!! image
  • Thank you mrs busby. I really hope it is. It just feels like one step closer so i ll be disappointed if its not. Its not a lot at the moment so maybe it will increase? i can only hope!
  • Thanks Cath. Would that be "the show" at the same time then?
    Or is it the same thing? Is it normal for a plug to be streaked or if they are both separate things than just the show would be bloodstreaked?

    How confusing!! lol
  • I have no idea! :lol:

    I thought my waters had brokwn as there was so much gloop going on, but they hadn't. Then when my waters *did* go I nearly flooded the room - there was no mistaking it!

    It's so confusing when it's your first time and you have no idea what to expect. Although I doubt I'll be any more clued up second time round either!
  • caza82 I'd say it sounds like your plug yes, especially if you know it's different to your usual discharge. With my DD mine came away gradually over a period of 1-2weeks, there'd always be some there when i wiped, it was gloopy, snot like and see through, occasionally it had blood streaked through it. there was never loads, but i showed hubby (poor thing) and he agreed it was more than likely my plug. I never did see a huge blob of it or anything, so not sure if that came away whilst i was pushing or w/e.

    good luck xx
  • arr thank you linziMc. Im just so desperate to make progress!!

    Cath, I am so sick of being confused and reading the same two pregnancy books day in day out!! ha ha!!
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