help - high temp *update*

tyler - nearly 9 months has had a high temp since yesterday i managed to bring it down to 38.4 but its shot back up to 39.6

i cant give him anymore calpol - it dosnt seem to be helpin much anyway. if i put him in the bath he screams and shivers

help help help :\( :\?

------------------Hi ladies

I took Tyler in to the out of hours doc last night coz his temp was up again and he was just crying and trembling. When we got there they took his temp -39.9 - and found out that he had a bad throat inf that looks like it has spread to his ears (my poor lil man) he perscribed Tyler some anti b's and Nurofen to alternate with the calpol. I managed to squeeze in 2 doses of the ant biotics and he is already looking alot better today.

Thankyou so much for your help - i was in a bit of a panic. Luv ya girls xx

Elaine & boys xx

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  • Ring nhs direct straight away.
  • call nhs direct hun, I was told to get them stripped down to a nappy and NOT to spounge them down ect as it can alter their temp too quickly causing fits. Have you tried giving nurofen as well?
  • Definately either call NHS direct or take him to A&E. If his temp isn't coming down then he needs looking at. Hope he is ok hun,
  • thanx ladies i phone out of ours doc and a nurse is gonna call bk. In between sleeping he is screamin the place down and i dont know what else to do.
  • Hollys mummy - as long as you sponge them down on the forehead, armpits and groin then they should be fine. As long as you dont submerge them in water or get them soaked its ok. Thanx for your concern tho hun it means alot. xx

    He is asleep now - again.

    You'd think a baby with a high temp would be important. If she hasnt called bk in 10 mins im gonna ring em again.

    Thanx for your help ladies I went right into panic mode coz he was screaming and Isaac & J were too coz it was that bad.

    J & Tyler both asleep now and me and Isaac are having a cuddle xx
  • hi ladies - Tylers temp gone down to 37.3 now yank goodness. The nurse wasnt much flippin help but he seems better now so fingers crossed he stays it too.

    Thankyou for your help and concern

    luv ya loads

    xx xx
  • Awww hope hes ok hun
  • Glad you got him see to. Hope he gets better soon poor little boy xx
  • hey we had exactly the same thing last nite and were prescribed the same too lol davids now in his jumperoo so i guess he seems better lol x
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