Baby monitors - help ???

Hi there, Please help i am expecting my first child in October and cant decide on a baby monitor, i am a worryer so was thinking either video or sensor pad monitors ? Any suggestions or ideas please ???


  • I have a BT150 monitor which is absolutely fantastic. It doesn't have sensors or video but it's so sensitive, I car hearing my LO breathing. Has lots of nice extras, temp, two-way speakers, music, etc.

    I also use an angelcare movement monitor and this is brilliant for peace of mind but I don't find it that good for sound, hence why I still use the BT150. When I was pregnant, I thought a movement monitor wasn't necessary (plus I worried about false alarms) but when I moved our baby into the cot at 8 weeks, I couldn't settle until I got this and I've never had a false alarm in 5 months of using it.

    HTH xx
  • Big recommendation from me for the Angelcare sensor pad. Wouldn't be without mine. When I've poked my head into her bedroom I can't hear her breathing so without the monitor I would be constantly waking her by prodding and poking to check she's still alive!!
    It's so reassuring to me, definitely recommend a pad if you're a worrier like me.
  • Thanks for your responses, although the BT150 has been recommended before I am a worryer and would prefer something like the Angelcare sensor pad. Thanks again.
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