ff and bf: when did you start to wean?

i was wondering if there is a difference when people start to wean based on how baby is fed before food? i thought it might make an interesting topic to see if there was a pattern or whether it was random.

my dd is EBF and at 5 and a half months and has started to grab food and put it in her mouth to suck. well be starting to offer her food, rather than wait for her to take it, at 6 months.

what ages did you start to introduce solids and was baby efb, ff or expressed bottle fed up to that point?


  • Olivia was ff and weaned at 4 months, however if she did not have severe reflux I would have held her off until 6 months but because she was throwing up every feed and usually about every half hour between feeds and she was 8 months before we got something to stop it but luckily weaning was great for us, she took to eating really well and I started her off nice and slow with porridge and every other day and by the second week she was opening her mouth for her food, now I find I have no real problems getting her to eat anything except salmon which she hates but then I hate it too :lol:
  • The boys were ebf until 8 weeks when we introduced formula slowly till 10 weeks. At 17 weeks they were losing weight due to an, until then, undiagnosed milk allergy. They didnt take to their new milk well (as im sure you wouldnt if bottle meant poorly tummy! lol) for a while and, reluctantly, at 21 weeks we were told to wean them. They were 4 days before their 5th month and each meal was introduced fortnightly so they werent on 3 meals until 6 months.

    However, they have only had 2 bottles (5oz, increased to 6oz) a day - well, what they will drink of them! - since 8 months old.

    Interesting thread. Im not sure I wouldve weaned as early had I have been ebf as I LOVED bf and they were ok on my milk as I have very little dairy in my diet. Just guessing though!
  • Sam was BF until 9 months and I started weaning at around 5.5 months (I think - memory is vague!). I could have and should have waited until 6 months, he wasn't particularly interested in food then, and was still happy with four hourly BFs.

  • LO has been EBF and we started him at 5 months. He was still feeding every 3 or so hours day and night and just seemed to want more than milk. We have been gradual with it and dont force it down him but for the past 2 weeks he's been feeding himself little bits of fruit and veg and he loves it.
  • Lo is ff & we just started weaning this week at 5 months. She was bf until 5 weeks then combine fed until 8 weeks & formula after
  • gemmie im always amazed you breastfed for 8 weeks! you must have done nothing but feed and change two babies at once!!! i have very little dairy in my diet too. in fact after booking in i was sent to a dietitian who told me to have a glass of milk and a yoghurt a day!
  • I EBF for 6 months. I started weaning 'properly' at 6 months (26 weeks I think, may have been 25) but a couple of weeks before that I'd caved in to loads of family pressure to give him baby rice because he'd stopped sleeping, which apparently meant he was hungry (he wasn't - he'd got into a habit). I'd asked the hv for advice and he'd just said to "do whatever I wanted" so I ended up giving him a teaspoon of baby rice and expressed milk just to shut everyone up! Then he didn't have any more until we actually started weaning him.
  • DD was EBF and weaned at 6 months (BLW) she started picking up food and playing around 5.5 months but nothing passed her lips until 6 months, which she chose to do.x
  • lo was ebf and weaned at 24 weeks, we did blw.
  • Emilia was EBF for the first 5 weeks and then weaned onto formula. We started solids i.e baby rice and pear etc...very,very slowly at 4.5 months due to Emilia refusing her milk feeds.

    Turns out it was the best thing I ever did for her - although I hated every moment of it (weaning early) for a few days!

    She now eats and drinks everything you give her, and thankfully has never had any adverse reaction's to anything x
  • Hannah was fed mainly expressed bm, with some formula top ups until 5.5 months. I then switched to fully f fed, and weaned at almost 6 months. We started on purees, and quickly discovered it wasn't for us, so moved to blw.
  • T was ebf to 6.5 months and we introduced solids at 5.5 months. I went back to work at 6 months and year 7 kids running around the outside of my office (in mobile classroom) turned out to really affect the amount I could express (funnily enough!) so she's been mixed fed since then with formula during the day in the week and me BFing her morning, evening and all day at weekends. She was also ebf through the summer holidays as I was home again and since term started last week she's back on formula for 2 bottles during the day. Bit complicated really, not sure whether this will contribute anything to the 'research'!!

    Interesting question though, I think there's alink between BLW and EBF too.
  • i think there is too. i also know a lot of peple who ff and weaned early, and people who ebf who waited until 6 months. it's almost exclusvely that way in my unofficial experience at all the baby groups i go to.
  • My dd was ebf until 24 weeks when we started weaning. We did traditional weaning and occasionally offer finger food. She is still bf.

  • Calleigh - I found the opposite to be true. At my bf group over half weaned early following hv advice and those that waited for blw started at 24 weeks not 6 months exactly. And there is very little difference between how well the babies eat at 9 months.
  • Lo was bf then ff and we started blw at 6 months very slowly.
  • Hugo is EBF and I started weaning him at just under 26 weeks (25 plus a few days I think) but we had to stop as solids really aggravated his reflux. So I exclusively breastfed him until he was just over 7 months and tried again with solids. Thankfully we did much better this time around. He was given purees and finger food from the start and goes through funny phases now where he'll either ONLY want to feed himself, or ONLY want me to spoon feed him.

    In my particular group of Mummy friends in my local area, we all breastfeed and some of us weaned early and others waited till 6 months so no real pattern.
  • we started BF then FF and weaned just over 4 months, I have a mix of BF and FF mums all who weaned around 5 months so it hasnt made a difference for the people i know
  • Alfie was ff from around 8 weeks and we started weaning at 24 weeks,
  • We FF and started weaning at 6 months-or 26 weeks. xx
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