Poo!! Sorry if TMI

ive got this myself.its so soft and snug.i love it


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  • Sophie is 12 and a half weeks and has been ff from the start.

    My mum asked me this week if her poo had started to get any harder as it should do by now. It hasn't, and every time she poos it is like runny plaster and often goes all up her back resulting in baths etc. We sometimes get two or three of those a day, but sometimes then no poo at all for a few days.

    I just thought the runny poo was normal as all she is getting is milk, I wouldn't say its like diarrohea as its not watery, just plastery.

    Sophie often has bouts of crying after her bottle which I have just put down to wind/colic. But now I'm wondering if its more than that, if maybe her milk isn't agreeing with her or something.

    Do you think its normal or should I be concerned? Think I may mention it to hv when I go to the clinic on Monday.

    Nici xxx
  • i think poo will only change when their food does ie solids. Until then runny and a peanutty colour is about right. Toby has one poo every other day and is on daily laxatives that help him along so i am dreading the poo getting harder as i think we will have one a week!

  • my boy is 18 weeks, on formula, his poo's are runny (korma poo!) with a random thicker one and we have started weaning but they are still runny which HV advises is normal xxx
  • My LO's poo was also similar consistency to runny plaster/toothpaste. He's now 23 weeks and after a couple of weeks of puree food (we started weaning a little earlier) his poo is now a bit thicker/harder. than it was when he was on only milk.
  • runny is normal until they are weaned then it may go more solid. What a lovely subject - he he!
  • Ava was runny ish till weaning at 5 months. Think our mums may think that as weaning was done earlier when we were babies x
  • Thanks girls!! Yeah I think mums forget as things were done different when we were all born!!

    Love your descriptions :lol: and that is exactly the type of poo we're getting!!!

    Glad to know we're normal image

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