sterlising when weaning

I'm preparing for weaning by making different veg and fruit purees to freeze. Do I have to sterilise all the equipment I use, eg pan, food processor? Also, do you have to steam the veg or can u microwave/cook in boiling water?


debbie and Joshua


  • The only thing I sterilise is Morgana's bottles. I gave up on the spoons as soon as she started stuffing everything else in the world in her mouth, none of it sterilised of course!. I never sterilised any of the equipment used. You can microwave or cook the veg, they don't have to be steamed.
  • I only sterilise bottles and spoons but starting to think the spoon doesnt really need it as he is stuffing all sorts into his mouth and none of that is sterile. Pots and pans would sterilise themselves when you were using them due to the boiling water. I wash the food processor in hot soapy water and rinse it.

    Well done Debbie for giving the home cooking a bash.
  • I just do her spoons when I remember to put them in! When I had my first, 5 years ago, I remember being told to sterilise everything, even the knife used to chop up the veg! How utterly ridiculous lol.
  • Hi Debbie

    Don't worry about sterilising once lo is past 6 months. If you have a dishwasher, this is just as good anyway otherwise it's not too much of a worry.

    I usually try to steam everything as it preserves the nutrients but will boil or microwave sometimes.
    Try to puree & freeze (if freezing) as soon after cooking as possible.
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