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Just wondering if I should be worried. DD is 27 weeks and is still not rolling either way. She has done it a handful of times, both from her back to front and also front to back but I think I can count on one hand the number of times!

She does go on to her side all the time but never all the way over. When she is placed on her front she is trying to get her legs under her and you can see her little bum going in the air so maybe she is going to go straight to crawling.

She also moves around (again occasionally) on her back by digging her feet in and pushing herself backwards.
Should I be worried she is not rolling? Is there anything I should/could be doing to encouage her more?



  • I hope not Mrs C as my 8 month DS isn't rolling either or moving about at all. I actually think he can roll from back to front, has done it a few times but as he hates tummy time, he stops himself.

    I do try and encourage it though by putting toys just out of his reach or my moving around myself on my tummy or all fours, showing him what to do.

    Sounds like she's well on the way to crawling so honestly wouldn't worry about it xx
  • when lizzie was learning to roll she use to get right on her side so i put a toy above her head to encourage her to look at it and then she would try and reach it.
    dd1 only ever rolled from back to front and only left to right too!
  • Cam is 31 weeks i think (losing count of weeks now!) and only learned to roll front to back about a week and a half ago and he's only rolled back to front for the first time at about 24 weeks. I was getting worried that he wasn't able to roll and surprised he learned to sit unaided before rolling either way. Now that he can roll though he still doesn't roll around as such as i thought he would. He doesn't roll back to front at all (but did it constantly the first week he learned to do it) as he hates being on his tummy but does roll front to back whenever i put him down for tummy time (which is a whole nother problem all together!!). I think putting toys just out of reach etc can encourage rolling but i think some babies just have no desire at this stage to make any effort be rolling around or get on the move! I wouldn't even be surprised if Cam skipped crawling and went straight to walking as he only wants to be on his feet! Don't forget each baby is different and i'm sure you've got nothing to worry about xx
  • I could've written the post myself. Rhea is the same, although she is only 20 weeks she moves about & rolls onto her side but has not interest in rolling over. She screams when u put her on her tummy, but the very odd time is stays for 5 mins she throws her legs up & moves her arms forward but that's it.

    Jayne xx
  • I used to watch bubba try and roll and move her arms and legs into the right position and roll her over? A lot of the time she wasn't sure what to do with one of her arms that neede to be tucked in to roll, and she couldn't always flick her leg over, don't know if you could try that, help her a bit until she gets the hang of it?

    I wouldn't worry though tbh, sounds like she might go to crawling as you say :\)
  • Well as if to prove her mummy a liar all Niamh as done today is roll from front to back lol Ok she has done it about 10 times lol

    Thanks everyone x
  • lmao always the way xx
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