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Hi everyone
We're taking our baby of 13 months away in a few weeks time and I can't find a safe in the sun suit for him - can anyone please tell me a good one and where I can get one, also should I go for a bigger size for him, he's in age 12-18 months clothing? Any help gladly welcomed!!


  • we have a 50spf one from mothercare x
  • we got lo one from next and it's fab x
  • Hi Pigglepops and happymummy10 - thank-you for your replies, had a look on both sites but they are all out - i've left it too late. M and S do one, do you think this would good, although it doesn't give the spf. One piece or 2 pieces best? I got a long sleeved top in tkmax, wonder would this be good enough with swim shorts, and have you tried baby banz - are they worth buying? oh sorry one last one disposable swimming pants or a pool nappy that can be reused? Sorry so many questions?
  • Debenhams had a Ted Baker Baby one for half price the other day, long sleeved top and trousers.
  • We have some baby banz, they are good but she doesn't keep them on for very long before pulling them off. I've never tried disposable swim nappies so can't comment on them but the re-usable ones are great, easy to pull on and off, then you can give them a quick rinse (providing its just wee) and leave them to dry in the sun.

    I know its annoying when you can't find a sun hat and its still August, all the autumn/winter stuff is on sale already! We had this before and I ended up getting a sun hat at the airport.

    Enjoy your hols
  • boots have some with 25% and 50% off at the minute.
    we've got one from Next too.
  • I second Boots, our local one has had them on sale for ages. Also try John Lewis?
  • Saw lots in sainsburys today hun, and a very reasonable price xx
  • Hi Girls,

    Thank you all so much for your replies, I know our local boots are sold out but will try debenhams today. I tried the TK Maxx one on him and it's brilliant - so I won't be stuck. I just assumed as its still summer and the use of the internet I was sure to get what I need! Cannot wait to have nothing to do but play in the pool and take walks with him!!

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