When to combine tastes?

I asked this in weaning, but no replies.

Hello ladies,

James is just over 6 months old. We waited until 6 months to begin weaning. He's currently on 2 meals a day, we've given 1 for a week, then 2 will be up until Thursday.

We started with some finger foods and purees, now we're more purees than finger foods. Still smooth purees.

Ok, not to the actual question! LOL! When did/will you introduce more than one eg. veg at a meal? Currently James is having one veg, then a pudding. But I'm not sure when to start giving 2 veg mixed, as he obviously hasn't tried everything singuarly yet. It's confusing me because the jars etc have mixed tastes, and if there was a reaction or something, how are you supposed to know what caused it?

Thanks for any help. xx


  • Do you have many allergies in your family? You know we just went for it and gave anything and everything straight away. If there is family history of an allergy maybe give that seprately but otherwise just go for it. If you are really worried about it maybe give something new with something that you have given before so you know is safe?
  • just a quick note to second the last post. we gave anything and everything straight away. initially, i did what sarah-jb said and introduced a new food with something he'd already had before.
  • There are no allergies at all, that we're aware of. I wasn't sure about lo needing to get used to the individual tastes before mixing them.

    Obviously with jars/pouches is a little harder to determine what might have caused an allergic reaction, but I suppose you just don't give that jar again! xx
  • DD loves combinations, she likes sweet vegetables.
    She likes carrotts, potatoes, parsnips
    potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes
    butternut squash
    butternut squash & sweet potatoes
    We recently made up sweet potatoes, parsnips and leek, she loves this.
  • As we've no history of allergies we've just jumped right in with anything! I ended up starting a week shy of his 6 mths so we've only been doing it a few days. I haven't worried about combining flavours as that's how he'll eat going forward anyway. Apart from an underripe apricot (ooops) he's loved everything. Homemade pesto was a big hit as was the nectarine yoghurt I made for him today!

    I'd say go for it! Allergies are unlikely if there isn't a history. Maybe if it's a food that is higher risk on the allergy front (eg dairy, wheat, strawberries, peanut butter) try them on their own when you first introduce them.
  • We started combining foods about 2 weeks into weaning, introduced meat/fish about another 2 weeks after that, so now he'll have anything - just wish he would eat it better, it can be a real battle sometimes xx
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