Jumperoo's straps!?

Hey Girls,

My friend gave me her Jumperoo when her child grew out of it (who is exactly 8 months and 3 weeks older - I was with her in her labour and felt pregnant a week after! image ) & she told me just to hang on to it when I was finished to give it back, as she may well be planning another and it saves her space in her house in the mean time! - touch! image

Only thing is I don't have any instructions - I was just wondering as the child gets older/bigger are you mean to move the straps and if so to what setting? it's currently on 1 I think well it's the only number you can't see.. Charlie is only 6 months but he is a big child & in a year old clothes.

I have just read another post about it meaning them being on there tip toes - and just thought 'Oh sugar maybe I should check!?'

He loves it but gets fed up pretty soon, so in never in there very long - but has taken to bouncing on everyones lap :lol: x


  • I still have my instructions for it, if you want me to e-mail them to you then just e-mail on the link below. xxxx
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