Is this colic? sorry long post!

Hi ladies, DD is 4.5 weeks and I'm wondering whether she has a bit of colic.

About 30 mins after her second to last bottle in the evening she starts to get really restless and cries (no screams) she really starts pushing, grunting and pumping loads. She does calm down after lots of cuddles and with us walking around with her. She then goes to sleep for a couple of hours before we usually wake her for her last feed. She goes straight to sleep after this.

She usually sleeps for 2-3 hours before the pushing, grunting etc starts again. Its soooo loud!! She seems to be asleep when she does this, sometimes she will cry until she has pumped and then go back to sleep. I try my best to help settle her but just wondering whether I should ignore it as she will then wake up crying after 1 hour and I will feed her.

After her middle of the night feed she falls asleep after an hour or so but as soon as I put her in her moses it starts again. I left her too it last night and she settled herself and slept for 2 hours before she started again. She was asleep but DH ended up putting her on his chest as she stops the grunting then and we can sleep.

She also pushes during the day but evening/night is worse. We have tried her with infacol and cooled boiling water and it does make her burp more but we never have problems bringing these up.

I was combine feeding her but now just FF with Aptamil 1. We are using the Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles and have tried all different teats. She does push a lot of air into them and guzzles the milk so fast. Do you think I should change bottles or formula? Will gripe water or colief work?

I get really upset for her and the lack of sleep is horrible. I think she would sleep for a lot longer if it wasn't for this.

Also just wondering if this is colic, is it possible for babies with this to sleep through the night?

Sorry for the long post and million questions I feel like I can't enjoy her fullly because of this image xxx


  • Hi

    Sorry this is quick, because I'm in a rush!

    It sounds like it could be. My LO used to be OK at sleeping during the night even though he had really bad colic from 3 weeks. He had the grunting really bad and he pumped so much!

    We tried everything including grip water, colief and infacol but in the end a combination of the following worked:

    TT Anti colic bottles
    Aptamil comfort (used a variflow teat)
    Cranial Osteopathy

    It completely went at 9 weeks and I couldn't believe the difference in him.

    HTH xx
  • MrsT, I feel I could have written this! Josh is 6 weeks and for the last few weeks- the late evening feeds (from 7pm) onwards are becoming a nightmare - he takes 2oz, spits out bottle so I wind him and get some up, then he takes bottle back and screams and spits it out again after a few sucks. Somehow we manage to get about 3oz in him and then little you we don't have the endless hours screaming which I thought colic was, but I usually put him in moses with dummy and he settles. During the night we have the same as you with the grunting etc. Last night I fed him at 3-3.30am, I put him down quite sleepy, but he still squirming etc at 5am!! hence knackered mummy (and baby sleeping peacefully at the mo). sometimes I pick him up when he's squirming and I do get an extra burp out of him and he settles, but more often no - I get nothing. I am also struggling to get him to take more than 2-3oz per feed (he's 10lbs) and it is soooo fustrating.
    I spoke to the HV on wed about all this, she said sounds like colic in the early evening but didn't really give answer about the rest. He's FF aptamil, but this does make him windy so I switched him to C&G wed night to see him he would like it more and take more and also I'd read lots on net that it had helped colicy, fussy babies. As yet no real change except he hasn't pooed for 48hrs...... so I feel we may be going back to Aptamil(SMA constipated him at 2 weeks too)!!
    I feel like we are going through the motions - you probably do, we have tried infacol, dentanox and spent a small fortune on the TT teats (he takes no. 2 ok so I've left it at that.).
    I guess we may try some colief but I've not got my hopes up really. I did wonder if it was reflux and all the squirming could be pain on laying flat, but like you I would expect him to scream not just wriggle about. (my friends baby had reflux and screamed blue murder for hours).
    God I'm so fustrated by it all and like you I feel I can't enjoy him properly because personally, I feel I'm failing him. Although he seems quite happy smiling and cooing at us most of the time, Hopefully he will grow out of it soon as I'm sure that's what happens - parents think it's the combination of what they've tried, but by the time you've tried most things going - they've probably just out grown it....... lucrative bussiness this colic :S

    hope you get some joy

    SE x
  • Aww SE its a nightmare isn't it. They are so tiny and its not fair on them. Like you at times I have felt a total failure and most of the time end up in tears with her.

    I'm really reluctant to change her milk coz I don't want to risk unsettling her even more. Thankfully she takes her feeds really well and doesn't tend to bring much up. She is a real chunky monkey tho she was weighed 7lb 9 at birth and at 4 weeks weighed 10lb 8!!

    My HV wasn't much help. She said its just one of those things and it may not settle down until she is weened so could have another 5 months of this!

    Like you, she is a fantastic baby during the day. Its just confusing because she doesn't have the classic colic symptoms.

    Think I'm going to give the anti colic bottles a go but I'm sure by the time we have tried everything it will have gone! Xxx
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