Baby after MC

Sorry I am crashing from PG (again!)

I read today that the risk of premature labour is higher if you have had previous cervical surgery. I had an ERPC after my MMC early this year which I presume is classed as cervical surgery.

I wondered how many of you have gone on to have a healthy pregnancy after having a MC or more specifically an ERPC/D&C and if your baby was born early, on time or late?

Thanks in advance

Miss I 16 weeks today!


  • Hi there, not from personal experience but my best mate had a mc first time round after trying for 4 years, she then fell pg 3 months later and carried baby full term and delivered after inducement (high bp) at 40+5 and had healthy 7lb baby.

    hope this helps
  • I had a mc at 10wks in Dec 08. I fell pg in January at next ovultaion and carried till 41wks.
    Had a relatively straightforward pregnancy and delivered a health 8lb 9oz baby naturally.
    Hope that helps.
    Saw your post on pregnancy. Good luck. Suz x
  • I have had 8 m/c (but didn't have any d&c's or other interferences by the docs) but have got 2 healthy kids who both went within normal term (can't say the pregnancy's weren't a bit worrysome tho!)
  • Ive had 3mcs all naturally though. And i carried my little man fine...did go into premature labour at one point, but that was for a whole different reason xx
  • I had 2MC's before my daughter after surgery on my ovary and right tube (not cervical though) and carried her without problems - I ended up being induced at 39 weeks, but the midwife who induced me thought I was near spontaneous labour anyway.

    Hope you get some reassurance and all goes well on your next scan.

    Hugs, Hannah xx
  • I gave birth to my 1st son 6wks prem so I was nervous about my 2nd coming early.

    I had also had a mc and had a D&C. Then I had abnormal smear and needed laser treatment on my cervix (don't know if this is cervical surgery?!) but I went on to carry my 2nd lo full-term

  • hi i had 2 mc prior to having pippa, i went into labour on my edd after having a sweep, my pregnancy was fine apart from morning sickness and bad spd.
    Hope you have a easy pregnancy and make the most of it, i spent that long worrying that i didn't enjoy a lot of it
  • Oh I totally understand how worried you are. I was the same.

    I had a mmc (found out after the 12 week scan) and then m/c naturally just after that and then a few months later fell pregnant and had a pretty much problem free pregnancy - although I worried all the way through. I went into labour 1 week early but had to go on the drip cause of high blood pressure.

    Hope your next scan will reassure you some more - I know my 20 week scan did. Are you planning on getting a 4d scan done at all? We splashed out on one and it was money well spent because it was extremely reassuring.

  • I had 2 mcs before Cally, had a d&c after 1st one and had also had a cone biopsy after abnormal smears. I asked at the hospital about the risk of prem labour cos I had read that too and said it would be fine. Had a normal pregnancy with Cally, she arrived 1 day after due date. I did worry a lot during pregnancy as had bleeding at 9 and 10 weeks but she was fine. Hubby bought me a doppler which we used loads and helped me stop being so anxious.
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