My Baby Boy Hates His Milk!!!!!!

Hi, im having issue's with my lo, he is almost 23 weeks & he just doesn't like his milk!!!

We originally had prob's when he was first born he would cry & we would think he was hungry then he would fret on his milk so then we'd take it away & try again later & the cycle continued. It got a bit better when we tried him on hungry baby but would never be consistant with how much he'd take.

I started him on solids around 18 weeks & he loves his food!!! Only trouble is he now just isn't interested in his milk, he's taking about 3 oz of his first morning bottle (& he sleeps all night so you would think he'd be starving!!) then he's not interested in another bottle till afternoon & then he'll only take 2 or 3oz's. His then next feed then is around 7pm & i have to wait till he's practically asleep to get him to maybe take a good 4oz as if he's awake he just spits it out!!!!!!! I do then offer him a dream feed at about 10:30 and he;ll sleepily take anywhere between 1 & 4 oz!

This is my 3rd baby & i've never had anything like this my other 2 loved their bottles.

Im just wondering whether anybody else has been through this or if anyone has any advice???



  • Jus thought i'd add he's a good healthy weight & health visitors have said that on ocassion they come across babies who just aren't interested.
    Also we have recently taken him off hungry baby milk too as since solids he's had trouble pooping & also thought this might help his milk intake but so far its had no affect on him taking more milk
  • personally i would drop one or two of his solid meals and put him back on hungry baby formula and just keep offering him milk. milk is far more important than solids especially before 6 months!
  • Hi sleepybeccie, i totally agree, we did do this but he would take maybe 2oz of the feed & was always crying, i've never come across this before.
    He has been more content on his solids & i introduced them slowly i didn't put him straight on 3 meals or anything it was gradual. i would much prefer him to have more milk but he just doesn't want to know, i do still offer his bottle but it vary's whether he takes any or not
  • If the medics aren't concerned then perhaps you can just make sure he gets plenty of dairy products and perhaps some vitamin drops?

    I am trying to wean my 10 month old off breast milk and he definitely isn't having the 18oz of formula milk that I think he is supposed to have. He is however having loads of dairy to make up (in addition to breast milk). Also, have you tried milk in a sippy cup? My son simply won't have milk out of a bottle now. He will however drink it from his cup. Just a thought.

  • Thanks shimmsie, he does like his water from a sippy cup so think i may give it a go with his milk (dont know why it didn't occur to me doh!)
    im giving him lots of green veg for iron & dairy products but think the vitamins a good idea, thanks again x
  • Ive just been through the same with my son for the past 2 months - he is now 8 months. It could take up to an hour to give him 4oz sometimes!! I found it really stressful as it was such a struggle to try and get the recommended 18-20oz down him each day and he would often go into meltdown over it.
    My current mw came to visit last Sat and she said to just drop the 11am (3oz) bottle since he was flatly refusing it. She said that some babies, particularly those that are good with their food, just dont want as much milk anymore and to just listen to your baby - they are trying to tell you something. Youre doing the right thing with including lots of dairy and greens, I do the same. Since I dropped that bottle he has started taking the 3 other bottles in record time, no fussing about since Tuesday. In fact, he finishes them in one go and them fusses because it's empty! I know the general notion is that the milk is more important at this age than solids, but after going through this stress with him for the past 2 months and then following his lead he is much happier. He has a varied diet and eats well so Im not concerned. Sounds like you shouldnt be either.

    The other things Ive done is change the teets to a faster flow, so that may be worth trying if you havent already in case it's a frustration issue for your son. Also, hubby kept saying to warm the milk up which I flatly refused for ages as he needs to get used to drinking room temp (and he was for ages). But... as it's cold here cos it's winter where we are, Ive warmed them and maybe that too has helped.

    Hopefully something will work for you as I know how frustrating it can be x
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