Hi Ladies,

I was just wondering if anyone knew how many godparents you can have?

Louise & Lexi-Mai xxx


  • hey i think its as many as you like ?!
    my lil man has 6!!
    hope that kind of helps xx
  • Hi, I think traditionally a girl would have 2 godmothers and a god father and a boy would have 2 god fathers and a god mother. To be honest things have changed quite a bit now in most churches and parents tend to choose however many they like. My god daughter has 6 god parents! I don't know what church you are but you might find in some Catholic churches it's more like the traditional, it was like this at the last christening I went to - 2 godmothers and 1 god father

    I would just check with the minister if I was you just to be sure though!!
  • You can have as many as you want but traditionally its usually three for a girl two grils and a boy and for a boy two boys ad a girl xxx
  • Jack had four i think traditionally ti is three
  • I've heard it's 2 godmothers, 1 godfather for a girl and opposite for a boy.
    I am to start organising Charlotte's christening soon. she will be having 4 godparents if church will allow it. I have a brother & sister, and oh has 2 brothers who we hope will be honoured to be gp's. So she will have 3 godfather's and only 1 godmother but we could not leave any of our siblings out as that wouldn't be fair on any of them.
  • Thanks everyone all your advice helps. Im gonna have 5 lol

    Louise & Lexi-Mai xxx
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