Cloggers & Un-Cloggers :lol:

It seems that when you become a Mummy, you become Obsessed with POO..:roll:

It's to ruuuunnnny.. to HARD a funny colour to frequent to strained :lol:

Well I thought it would be a good idea to get a list going of foods in there diets that affect there regularity! Charlie has been constipated for a good few days (:lol: if any of his mates google this when he is 18 i'm sure he'll love me for this :lolimage but I had been giving him puree'd Banana's for breakfast (he loves them) however I didn't know they had THAT effect! :roll: So I haven't given him any for two days and he's done loads! haha oh the joy! but at least I don't have to watch him struggling to strain them out!

So Girls come on and help me out & add to the lists -


*Red Lentils


*puree'd pear
* High fiber cereals/weetabix
*banana's depending on baby
*pure Orange Juice

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  • I thought bananas had the opposite affect-wont try that for a while then!! Hope Charlie feels better soon x
  • uncloggers - hi fibre cereals
  • Bananas DEFINITELY have th opposite affect on my lo!!!!!! Weetabix is also an UNCLOGGER for max in a major way!
  • Natalie, seriously only you could think of this as a post!

    Ok, seeing as I'm here!

    Bananas, potatoes

    Any other fruit, pure orange juice, prunesxx
  • Karen :lol: you haven't stated are they cloggers or uncloggers!!?? haha .. I'm taking it uncloggers as you have pure orange juice there!?
  • is bread a clogger?
  • banana's dont seem to clog or unclog louise....but yucky nappy alert!!!

    dont have anything to add to your list but totally agree on becoming poo obsessed! me and my dh were talking to a couple of friends who are expected their first and my dh was telling the dad-to-be how obessed with poo he'll be, :lol:
  • cheese can be a clogger! it hasnt happened to cameron but my neice lives off it and is constantly constipated! x
  • My lo only likes banana if it's in the jar food, wont eat it fresh. :lol:

    in my experience.... a clogger is red lentils

    and unclogger is peas.
  • lol not sure if bread is a clogger anyone know?
  • In my experience, banana is an UNCLOGGER!!!! God the stained vests I've had to soak cos of bleedin' banana!


    Yogurt (when they have a lot)

    Most fruits
    Orange juice.

    Most things unclog Gabe - he is very pooey!!!
    It's weird how different they are. I am also another poo obsessed mama, lol.
  • Uncloggers:

    Grapes (and very bad nappy alert serious like R rated!!)
    Creamed Sweetcorn
    Apple puree
    ( Mind a list for Nym could be an arm's length long, she's never had anything remotely solid, and she wants to live on fruit and fruit alone)

    Spinich with lentils and cheese ( I don't know which part causes the clogging but this combination seems to)
  • haha Hedgie - what's R rated? Rank?!

    Natalie - the top line are cloggers and the bottom are uncloggers (mind reading skills - hello!)xx
  • I agree with the R rated for grapes hedgie, and the smell! God!!
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