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Hi, my son is 8 weeks today and he has quite bad cradle cap. I thought the best thing was to leave it alone and it would clear up but if anything it's got worse! I've bough Dentinox shampoo so going to try that. Just wondering if anyone else can offer advice?

Thanks, daffodil & Andrew 8wks xxx


  • Hi, lots of people say that Dentiox is rubbish but I'm going to get in first and say it worked for us. It doesn't happen overnight but we used it every night for a week and it started to dry up and flake off. After a while (BAD MUMMY ALERT!) I started picking the dry stuff off and once it was all gone it never came back.

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  • Thanks for that. Going to do a test patch tonight incase he's allergic then start tomorrow!!

  • Hi you could try covering his head in olive oil about an hour before bath time then wash it off. This was recommended by the HV.
  • hi

    my son had terrible cradle cap from 8 weeks, we used dentinox, it did work in the end but it took about 4-5 weeks to completely get rid of the cradle cap, but the cradle cap covered the top of ds's head, and i found when i had been using it for about 4 weeks, and chunks of the cradle cap were coming off, i used vaseline, massaged it in and that was fab, huge clumps came off!

    ashy xx
  • The best thing I found for my ds was that I'd gently brush his cradle cap about 10 mins before his nap, then put Dream Cream from Lush onto his cradle cap and let him have his sleep. (by the time he woke up his hair wouldn't be as greasy from the cream, it soaked in without him getting it everywhere too!) Then I'd repeat that just after his bath at bedtime. I can honstely say his cleared up dramatically overnight, and was completely gone within three days. I know you're not supposed to pick it, but I found that exfoliating the dry flakes super gently just made sure that the cream went into the actual cradle cap, rather than just the flakes of skin iyswim. I don't know if the cream itself was what did it, or the exfoliating, but there we go!

    Em x
  • olive oil worked wonders on ds, just used to massage a little in of an evening and leave it, cleared up really quickly and never came back xx
  • if you want it gone in 5 minutes the best thing that my mum discovered years ago was oilatum (which you normally add to bath water for children with dry skin)
    if you put a tiny amount straight on the scalp and massage in for a minute, then rinse off with warm water, after a few minutes the cradle cap lifts and you can use a tiny comb or nit comb to get rid of all the dead scaley stuff! it is amazing! i used it on my brothers baby girl and revealed a full head of curly hair under months of smelly cradle cap!

  • I originally used olive oil on ds's cradle cap, it did moisurise it well, but that just seemed to delay it drying out and coming off, his head started to stink too! Detinox did work eventually, it took a few weeks but with a little help from me (bad mummy alert!) I just lifted the dry edges with my nail and then found the last bits just slid out of his hair. Touch wood it hasn't come back x
  • Ooh Abby had awful cradle cap!! I found that all the cradle cap shampoos made it worse, in the end I washed her hair in dreamwash (from Lush) and rubbed in some dreamcream afterwards. It made her hair really skanky, but cleared up the cradle cap a treat after just a couple of goes, then we switched to using the buritti baby shampoo (from bodyshop) and it made her hair lovely - and we've not had a problem with cradle cap since. xxx
  • Hurrah nikkiandneil - another Dream Cream fan! :lol:
  • My friend suggested vaseline, although she then couldn't work out what got rid of vaseline!
    I tried it and it helped a lot, although wasn't quite the one application only that she experienced.
    My tip for getting rid of vaseline, was baby lotion on damp cotton wool, seemed to work for us.
  • My lo had very bad cradle cap, olive oil didn't work, but we used oilatum bath formula which worked wonders in a couple of weeks.

    Jayne x
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