Alcohol and breastfeeding??

Hi ladies,

Am going on a long awaited night out tonight and am going to be having a few drinks to celebrate.

Does anyone know how many drinks/units I can have to be able to safely breastfeed the next morning around half 7?

Thanks xx


  • Hi well it proberbly best not to get too drunk. I think It takes roughly 1-1.5 hours for i unit of alcohol to leave your system. So if you stopped drinking by 12 then a max of 7 units. have fun x
  • They do say you should have no alcohol during pregnany or breastfeeding at all! As it stays in your system for 24 hours. I'm not saying that it would be right or wrong for you to have a drink or ten, but it does stay in your system for 24 hours. So your little one would have some very mild effects of the drink with her feed.

    I never liked the idea of doing anything to hinder their developmen at all, so never drank during either pregnancy or breastfeeding, but thats just my personal choice!!

    You don't need alcohol to have fun.....having an J2O is just as good!!

  • It's my bday and was going to have a glass of wine tonight but Archie has been fidgity since yesterday so not going to bother now.
    I'd say if you have got feeding well sorted a few drinks wouldn't hurt and as suggested try and stop by midnight. Have 1 for me!!
  • Hi , thanks for the advice ladies and happy Birthday Camlo.

    Think I'll limit myself to just a couple. Haven't had any alcohol for over a year though now so will probably have had enough after 2 anyway!!! lol


  • The current advice is that a small amount of alcohol while you are bfing is fine. Alcohol is absorbed from your bmilk at the same rate as it absorbed from your blood. Like apple_jack says, that's about an hour and a half per unit. You are better to have two drinks say, with a soft drink inbetween than to drink as much as you can all at once, but a few drinks should be fine.
    Have fun!!
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