Fractious when feeding

My DD who is 16 weeks old is FF and for the last week or so she crys, fidgets and is really fractious when she is feeding. I know she's hungry because she can't wait to get the bottle in her mouth (and she polishes of the whole bottle) but then about a minute into it, thats when it all starts. She gets quite upset.

I changed the teat size because before she wasn't getting it quick enough but now she is she seems ok with it. It's not every feed and its mostly the later feeds in the day.

Does anyone have any idea what this may be?

Thanks Kim x


  • didn't want to RR, but just to say I'm having exactly same prob with my 3.5 week old. I changed teat size from new born to variflo (TT closer to nature bottles) and worked a treat during the day, however evening/night time is diff prob as you describe, either we both end up covered in milk or he falls asleep after 1-2 oz!!
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