Weaning help- PLEASE

Reuben is 7 months tomorrow and I am clueless about whether hes getting enough food heres a typical day

b'fast- 6oz milk, 1 hour later weetabix (sometimes I mash in a banana) 7/8 am
bottle 6oz 11/12am
bottle + fruit pot (cow and gate) 2pm
bottle + potatoes with veg 5pm
bottle 8:30pm

do I need to give him a thrid meal rather than just fruit??

also does anyone have any ideas what I can do for variety- hes had carrot and parsnip, carrot and turnip, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower. I mix any one of these combos with potatoes and a little of his milk.

Please note- Reuben is lactose intolerant so can't have cows milk/products. Although I do have to try him with these slowly as he may be ok (according to hv)

Any advise/recipes would be greatly appreciated


  • Your feeding timetable looks very similar to mine, the only difference being that I give Lo 2 courses each lunch and dinner time. I give the same breakfast as you and then something like Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese, followed by a Fruit Pot at lunch. Then for dinner, I was advised to push the carbs and proteins for a better nights sleep so, I give something like chicken with potatoe and veg, followed by rice pudding. My Lo doesn't cope with lactose well, either so, I make her meals up with formula milk. I'm starting to introduce cows milk slowly too and have used it in her breakfast a couple of mornings with some success.
    As for recipes and ideas, have you had a look on the Foody Forum?
  • Thanks for that I will go and have a nosey in the foody forum now.
  • I started giving Cole a 3rd meal when he hit 6 months, and he has bottle first thing, cereal when we get up, small bottle late morning, fruity custard with fruit puree & organix sticks and possibly petit filous or some kind of jar pudding for lunch, mid afternoon bottle, 4 or 5 puree cubes of some variety for tea, or 2 cubes and half a jar plus organix sticks & some kind of pudding and then a bottle before bed. I kinda do fruit stuff for lunch and veg/meat for tea.

    Have you tried any of the baby pastas or the heinz cook at home sauces. I've done a whole bunch of pasta for Cole and we tried spaghetti on toast for tea - he's currently going through a fussy phase but he ate some of it and it made a change for him.

    As for the lactose intolerance - your lo should be fine with cheese for variety as cheese is low in lactose. I'm lactose intolerant myself and cheese was the first thing the dietician told me to try after cutting all dairy out of my diet due to its low lactose content. Your hv should be right that he'll be ok eventually with lactose products - it takes time and once he's older if he doesn't grow out of the intolerance then he'll learn his limits himself. I've gone from being so bad that ice cream every few months would give me an upset stomach to being fine having ice cream every day on honeymoon!
  • Lily is 6 months old and she has 3X 2 course meals a day and 3 bottles.
    We are trying to move the bottle she has at her dream feed to the afternoon but so far no luck. When we tried it yesterday she just wasnt hungry at bedtime so wouldnt drink that one so ended up giving her a dream feed anyway.

    Weaning is so complicated!
    Her new day that we are trying goes like this:

    7.15 Bottle 7oz
    9.30 (post nap) breakfast
    12.30 lunch (2x jars of food or about 5 icecubes and a fruit pot)
    2.30 bottle
    4.30 dinner (as lunch)
    7 bedtime bottle

    WE tried it yesterday but the timing was out beacuse she was asleep at lunchtime.

    Lily loves an annbel karmel recipe:
    You fry off a leek in butter (i'm sure you could use a bit of oil???), add a diced chicken breast and brown, add 300ml chicken stock (you can get baby chicken stock cubes in large boots stores), diced sweet potato and a large carrot. simmer for 20 minutes then blend.

    Lily loves it and I think it tastes lovely.
    Serena X
  • If you are stuck for ideas, I can't recommend the Anabel Karmel books enough. Morgana loves the recipes and they actually taste nice.
  • I can't thank you all enough for the replies- I can see from these that most of your babies are getting more food than I am currently giving Reuben- which my mothers instinct told me wasn't enough in the first place (why we don't just trust this at times I don't know!!)

    I will add a third spoonfeed from today and will also start to include meat (probably chicken to start) which I hadn't before and see how we go. With all this talk of obesity I am so scared of overfeeding him and I know thats why I have held back.

    Kia can I ask what age you gave Cole spaghetti and toast?? did he have teeth?? Reuben has no teeth yet but I thought he might like to suck on toast. I assume you mean tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce??

    Also Serena thankyou for the recipe

    Honestly you wouldn't think I had already weaned 2 kids before now!!! It just seems like so long ago!!
  • After reading this thread I think I may be pushing too much on my lo

    (he is 7 months this wednesday and weighed 23lb 5oz two wks ago)

    Our day is currently as follows:-

    7-7:30 baby cereal or weetabix mixed with 3oz formula milk
    9ish - remaining formula from 7oz bottle
    11:30-12:00 2 AK cubes of lunch plus muller fromage frais

    2:45 7oz milk

    5:00 - 2 AK cubes plus muller jelly or fruit puree

    6:45 - 7/8 oz of goodnight milk

    I am trying to get meat / chicken or fish in him each day (ie if he has a meat at lunch he will have veg combo for tea or vice versa)

  • i think your doing well - but if your lo isnt too fussy and will eat offer more!

    my lo is 8 months this week and hardly eats, will not have lumps at all so i struggle to get him to take about 5 babyspoonfuls of a stage one jar...even those he finds horrible and gags... i tried making my own from AK book but he wouldnt eat so resported to jars again hardly eats!

    also tred the baby led weaning - not much success... he will suck toast soilders with things spread on like marmite, cheese triangle.. i offer things like cheese, veg, potatoe, things were eating but again he'll explore and have suck but then it goes on floor or i find it under his bum after!

    i know he's having to much milk but i tried dropping bottle so would make him more hungry but then he just screamed and cried for milk and hardly ate and then was awake at night.......

    at he mo this is whats happening-

    7am - 7oz bottle
    8.30/9 am - 1 large heaped tablespoon of baby porridge mixed with water - water to drink
    9.30am - nap
    12pm - lunch offer half a jar savory and then a fruit pot or muller little star yougurt (but usually will have a mouthful of sav and then yougurt) if im eating toast or something i'll give him some, or beans etc... usually spat out but hey ho im trying!
    12.30/1pm 7oz milk usually straight after meal
    1.30pm OUT SOMEWHERE
    4.30pm - 7oz Milk
    6pm - half sav jar and fruit pot - then i offer again something of our plate
    6.30/6.45pm - bath
    7.20pm - 7oz bottle
    7.45pm bed

    mmmmmmmm where am i going wrong???

  • Reading this one I think the main thing is all our los are different. Just wanted to say Sam has no teeth yet (8 months today!) and he loves beans and spag on toast. He just gives a good gum chew!!!!
    Also I have now just started mashing whatever we are eating for him. As I have older kids I don't add salt to food anyway and so thought it should be o.k. He loves it.

  • Hiya

    Joseph is 8 months on wednesday and since he was about 6 months he has been on three meals a day.

    He has a 6oz bottle at 7am
    breakfast at 9.30am - baby cereal and a fruit pot
    Lunch at 12.30pm - veg mashed or jar from Plum range if out, followed by a petit filous
    6oz bottle at 3.30pm
    Tea at 5.15pm - I normally make sheperds pie/spag bol/pasta bake followed by another petit filous
    then he has his bedtime bottle 6oz at 7pm

    Heinz do some great cook in sauces - chicken curry, tomato and basil sauce, sweet and sour.... I just mix meat in with these and add either veg, pasta or rice. I sometimes add fish, cod, salmon, tuna aswell to veg for a bit of variety and if im pushed for time or have forgot to defrost something he gets jacket potato and beans and cheese or scrambled eggs and spagetti hoops.

  • Hi im new ,my lo is 7 1/2 mnths , iv been breastfeeding, but now am trying to wean her off. she weighs 17 lb she is above av in lenght is 71 cm she is in the 98 th centile.Right from the begining she was skinny and long ,I was worried about her weight even though health visitors assured me she was fine. I tried bottle feeding to see how much she could drink but she would nt go above 5 oz and with a struggle ,so i kept with the breastfeeding .Can someone tell me if my timetable looks ok
    6am breastfed back to sleep
    7 am wakes
    8 am porridge made up with 2oz milk
    930 am 4 oz formula
    10 am breastfed to sleep
    12 pm wakes
    1230-100 3/4 of equivelent cow gate size portion of homemade food ie sweet potato in cheese sauce with water to drink
    230 pm 4 oz formula
    300pm breastfed to sleep
    500 pm wakes
    530 pm will giv chicken or lamb dish same portion as lunch with water
    700pm will give 6-7 oz with difficulty of formula (hav to sing to get the last couple of oz s down
    8 pm will try to get her off to bed, but difficult without breast takes ages lots of rocking singing (doesnt take a dummy )
    any suggestions i am not really happy with my routine
    and by the way when r you supposed to fit in desserts my lo can only manage wat i give her she wont have anything else after that ,she gets angry wen i try to offer her yoghurt .
  • hello is nobody interested in this topic anymore
  • Hi

    Ty is 9 months old and is a rubbish eater, but eats well at nursery which is annoying. his day (when we're home) looks like this
    6AM Wake
    7AM Bottle
    8AM Porridge (a few spoons of)
    9AM Sleep for an hour or so
    11AM Rusk and banana (or something similar), yoghurt etc
    1PM Today I tried pasta shells, bolognese sauce and cheese cubes.
    (ate all the cheese, tried one piece of pasta and had 4 spoons of the sauce)
    1.30 Sleep for another hour or so (small bottle before this)
    3PM Biscuit and fruit
    5.30PM Tried a plum sachet, had a few spoons with a breadstick
    6PM Porridge

    He eats better when he can pick up his food, but if he's in the slightest bit tired or hurting from teething then he will eat next to nothing and just have his milk. I worry he's not getting enough, especially compared to others.

  • Just a few ideas of foods you could try lo with. Tess (8 months) loves all of these and has been eating then since she was 7 months or so.
    Fish in cheese sauce (flakes really easily and easy to 'chew')
    cottage pie
    courgette batons cooked in garlic and olive oil
    pasta and tomato sauce
    beef casserole
    toast and baked beans
    lovely lentils (AK book)

    We tend to do the following for food each day:
    6am BF and straight back to sleep
    8am BF (small)
    Breakfast - porridge, weetabix or toast with some fruit or a yoghurt
    Mid morning - BF and a nap
    Lunch - something savoury usually one of those above with a pudding. Rice pudding, yoghurt, fomage frais, fruit, sometimes some cheese slices
    Mid afternoon - BF and a biscuit then a sleep
    Dinner - As lunch, but usually finger food based, tends to be more spoon feeding at lunchtime
    Bedtime - BF and into bed

    We make all her food from scratch and freeze it in portions. If she has a sandwich or pasta or something then obviously we cook it and eat it straight away. Quite often we all eat together and she just has what we're having. HTH

    mrs_ed and Tess
  • My boys are 10 months but ill try and help. Obviously, your lo may not be quite at the stage were at yet but if I tried to do them at 7 months, id fail miserably! lol

    6am - 7oz Bottle
    7am - 2 x Weatabix with a banana and 4 cubes of Apricot
    10am - 3 biscuits each
    12pm - Sandwich (2 pieces of bread each - I make 1 houmous sandwich and 1 jam and give them half of each one), 2 x cocktail sausages each, a piece of ham and half a nectarine each (they dont eat all of this most of the time but im trying to encourage them to feed themselves a little more)
    4pm - Dinner - Hot meal. Normally pork/chicken with various veg. I make all these up in batches and freeze them. They eat lots!! Jelly for afters
    6pm - 7oz bottle
    7pm - bed

    I sometimes make pasta etc but I dont make them the same as me as I eat on my own 5 days a week and tend to have easy stuff. I do eat sandwiches with them at lunch though. Mine are allergic to milk so dropped bottles quickly as they never took to the prescription stuff. It also limits what I can give them for their meals.


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 10 months
  • Hi my lo will only manage 1 thing eg- 1 jar for lunch stage 1 she wont have dessert straight after like everyone elses babies.Even for breakfast Il breasfeed her at 7 and then will give her porridge made up of 2 oz milk she wont have anything after.She wieghs 17.1 lb ,she will be 8 mnths on 29 ,aughust how can i fit dessert s in or any fruit , she gets full really quickly
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