Has anyone used Gro Clock or similar?

To train lo when it's acceptable to get out of bed?? Lo is now 2.5yrs old and I think would benefit and understnad something like this but just wondered if anyone had any experiences of it???



  • here's a link to it:

    so you know what i am on about!
  • We got something similar (Dora branded) for dd1 when she was 4 as she was a very early riser. They are a good idea in theory, if you are starting earlier than we did it might work better, but Jess just ignored it half the time and also she was able to change the setting for when it would go to daytime so we gave up. It might be an idea to get a sticker chart reward for when she stays in bed until it's time to get up?
  • Ok thanks for that - anyone else??
  • My friends kid has had his since 2.5 years - works like a treat! I am getting one when Hugo is sometime after 2 years old, it is not likely to work before that, as they need understanding of the concept. My friends kid loved the story book that came with it ... he used to be up at 5 30 am ... now there isn't a peep till 7 30!!!
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